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High Speed Data Transfer using Performance Adaptive UDP

     New types of specialized network applications are being created that should be able to transmit large amounts of data across dedicated network links. TCP fails to be a suitable method of bulk data transfer in many of these applications, giving rise to new classes of protocols designed to circumvent TCP’s shortcomings. It is typical in… Read More »

Detection of Reviews using Sentiment analysis

Abstract:  Merchants selling products on the Web often ask their customers to review the products that they have purchased and the associated services. As e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, the number of customer reviews that a product receives grows rapidly. For a popular product, the number of reviews can be in hundreds or… Read More »

BINRANK: Dynamic authority-based keyword search algorithm

Dynamic authority-based keyword search algorithms, such as Object Rank and personalized PageRank, leverage semantic link information to provide high quality, high recall search in databases, and the Web. Conceptually, these algorithms require a querytime PageRank-style iterative computation over the full graph.

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