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How to convert a DVD into a compressed AVI ??
Here is the solution for it..

Install DVD Decrypter to copy or decrypt the DVD files on your system
Install VIDOMI to Encode or convert copied files into AVI
While installing VIDOMI check the Install XVID

How to Crack WinRaR Files ?? – A Video Tutorial

Many WinRaR files will be Password protected and It is difficult to crack passwords of those files. However we can use a password cracking software called WinRAR password cracker and Password can be cracked easily..

Common Interview Question – Tell me about yourself

This is one of the most basic questions that you may be asked in an interview. Well prepare for this question in advance because this is the best opportunity to impress interviewer. Start with your educational qualification you have obtained then Speak about your work experience.

TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) Protocol Suite and Internet

TCP/IP is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet. TCP/IP uses the client/server model of communication.TCP/IP is a two-layer program. The higher layer Transmission Control Protocol, manages the assembling of a message or file into smaller packets that are transmitted over the Internet and received by a TCP layer that reassembles the packets into the original message. The lower layer, Internet Protocol, handles the address part of each packet so that it gets to the right destination.

How does a CD work ??

All of you have used CDs right ?? But no one worried about how does a CD work ??
Go through this video to know how does a CD work by using photo diode and laser beams ……

Why should I hire you?

Go through this video(by Denhum Resources) to get clear picture how to answer for this typical question why should I hire you ??