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Power Line Communication

Power Line Communication (PLC) refers to provisioning of communication services over the electricity power grid. The main characteristics of PLC involves sending high frequencies using a PLC Carrier unit over power lines and injecting the frequencies (or picking them up) via a coupler linked directly to the power grid.

MEMS Technology

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems or MEMS technology can be defined as miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements (i.e., devices and structures) that are made using the techniques of micro fabrication. The critical physical dimensions of MEMS devices can vary from well below one micron on the lower end of the dimensional spectrum, all the way to several millimeters. Likewise,… Read More »

Biomass Gasifier for thermal and electrical applications

Biomass is the from of firewood, agriculture residue and cow dung cake is consumed to meet energy requirements. Biomass as fuel is used in domestic cooking, hot water generation (estimated at 250 million tones annually) rural and urban small and unorganized industries (estimated at 25 million tones annually in India).