General Technical Paper Presentation Topics with details

By | March 2, 2016

This post contains General technical paper presentation topics and with explanations for each topic. Just Click on the topic name for details

  1. Anatomy and working of search engines
  2. Android a smart phone operating system by google
  3. Anti-hiv using nano robots
  4. Apache hadoop introduction
  5. Application of microcontroller in vehicle monitoring and security system
  6. Aqua communication using modem
  7. Artificial intelligence on expert systems
  8. Biomass gasifier for thermal and electrical applications
  9. Bittorrent a revolution in p2p technology
  10. Blue brain
  11. Blue eyes technology
  12. Brain controlled car for disabled using artificial intelligence
  13. Brain gate
  14. Brain port device
  15. Carbon nanotubes
  16. Challenges in mobile ad hoc networks (manets)
  17. Cloud computing
  18. Cloud computing concepts and design
  19. Deploying a wireless sensor network on an active volcano
  20. Digital jewelry
  21. Electronic waste (e-waste)
  22. Embedded web server for industrial automation
  23. Eyegaze system
  24. Fuel saver system
  25. Guarding distribution automation system against cyber attacks
  26. How does a search engine work ??
  27. How does google search engine work ??
  28. How to create a website using wordpress
  29. Human computer interaction & its future
  30. Image retrieval using compact binary signatures
  31. Imbricate cryptography
  32. Implementation of hamming code
  33. Introduction to microcontrollers
  34. Intrusion detection and avoidance system
  35. Mobile ad-hoc network
  36. Neuro chips
  37. Open source tecnology
  38. Parasitic computing
  39. Password paradigms
  40. Polymer memory a new way of using plastic as secondary storage
  41. Programmable logic devices (pld)
  42. Radio frequency identification technology
  43. Rapid prototyping
  44. Secured webportal for online shopping
  45. Securing underwater wireless communication networks
  46. Security analysis of micropayment system
  47. Security aspects in mobile ad hoc network (manets)
  48. Security requirements in wireless sensor networks
  49. Semantic web
  50. Sensitive skin
  51. Snake robot the future of agile motion
  52. Software defined radio(sdr)
  53. Spwm technique for multilevel inverter
  54. Storage area network(san)
  55. Super efficient motors:techanical overview
  56. Switchgrass
  57. System on chip
  58. Three-dimensional password for more secure authentication
  59. Ultrasonic motor
  60. Wearable biosensors
  61. Web-mining
  62. Wireless integrated network sensors
  63. Wireless universal serial bus[usb]
  64. Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
  65. Registration application in Java using Servlet, MySQL, MVC
  66. Login application in java using model view controller(mvc) design pattern

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