Develop and demonstrate an XHTML document that illustrates the use of external style sheet, ordered list, table, borders, padding, color, and the tag

By | July 16, 2012


<?xml version = “1.0” encoding = “utf-8”?>



<html xmlns= “”>

<head> <title> basic html tags </title>

<!–calling Prog.css file –>

<link rel = “stylesheet” type = “text/css” href=”Prog.css”/>



<h3> Program that illustrates the use of the ecternal style sheet</h3>

<p class = “major”>

Welcome you all for the workshop on “Web Programming”


<p class = “minor”>

Hope you enjoy the sessions and make it a grand success


<h2> Introduction </h2>

<h3> 1.1 The Basics of WEB </h3>


<li> Introduction to XHTML </li>

<li> Introduction to XML </li>

<li> Introduction to javascript </li>

<li> Introduction to Dynamic Documents </li>


<table border = “10px”>

<caption> Sessions dates </caption>


<th> </th>

<th class = “red”> <font color= ‘blue’> xhtml </font> </th>

<th class = “orange”> CSS </th>

<th class = “blue”> XML </th>



<th> thur </th>

<td> 8-9 </td>

<td> 10-11 </td>

<td> 12-11 </td>



<th> Fri </th>

<td> 8-9 </td>

<td> 10-11 </td>

<td> 12-1 </td>



<th> sat </th>

<td> 8-9 </td>

<td> 10-11 </td>

<td> 12-1 </td>




<font color =’blue’> Now it is </font>


<p class = “one”>Now is the time for all good web programmers to learn to use stylesheets.

<br> </p>

<p>Lab session are held in the <span class = “spanred”> afternoon.








p.major {

font-size : 18pt;

font-style : italic;

font-family : ‘Times New Roman’;




p.minor {

font: 10pt bold ‘Courier New’;



h2 {

font-family : ‘Times New Roman’;

font-size: 20pt; font-wieght:bold




h3 {

font-family: ‘Courier New’;

font-size :16pt;

color :red;



table {

border-top-width: medium;

border-bottom-width: thick;

border-top-color: red;

border-bottom-color: blue;

border-top-style: dotted;

border-bottom-style: dashed;



p {

border-style: dashed; border-width: thin; border-color: green;

} {

padding: 0.2in;

background-color: #cococo;

border-style: solid;

} {color: red} {color: orange} {color: blue}.spanred {font-size: 24pt; font-family: Arial; color: red;



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