Item Inventory Lookup application for a Retail Store

By | December 30, 2014
Description: To Design and Develop Item Inventory Lookup application for a Retail Store as described in the following post. Develop a screen as per the below mentioned data in which when the user enters an Item Id and clicks on the Search button, screen 2 is displayed.
Screen 1: Item Search Screen where it has a provision to enter item id for searching purpose and another option to insert the details if the details are not present already.

Details : Item Id, Item Description, Location Id and Inventory

Screen 2: Develop a screen to display the search result from Screen 1. The following data fields should be displayed;Item Id, Item Description, Location Id and Inventory


  • Technology to be used to develop the above application is JSP, Javascript, Servlets and Core Java.
  • Use proper HTML and CSS to design the User Interface.
  • Do use Javascript for front end validation to check for empty records.
  • You would need a database connection to store the details so create a proper table with primary key. You can use SQL, Oracle or any other database connection.
  • You need to follow proper coding standards while developing an application. Refer the below link to get some idea.

Go through the following application A login application in java using MVC to understand how to use servlets, JSPs and MySQL database to build an application in Java.

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