Touch 5 future technology innovations by IBM

By | January 8, 2013

Five years from now you will be able to touch through your phone. How can we make technology make us more aware? How can we use technology to make touch come to life? Within the next 5 years, the phone will be such a ubiquitous part of our everyday experience of understanding our world, that we will be able to completely understand the sensation of touch through our phone.

The phone will be able to help you to feel fabric, you will be able to share the texture of a basket woven by a woman in a remote village halfway across the globe. So if you think about buying a shirt online, we can use different technologies like vibration, like being able to manage vibration through an understood lexicon of texture, to be able to use vibration to translate burlap versus linen versus silk and how heavy or rough is the texture, the vibration. And as you stroke your finger across the face of the phone, the device becomes just as intuitive as we understand touch in any other form today.

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