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Ajax Technology

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This technology was introduced first by Microsoft back in 1999, and had been known as DHTML / JavaScript web application with remote calls. AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new technique for creating better, faster, and more interactive web applications.

Snake Robot – The future of agile motion

Crawling movement as a motive mode seen in nature of some animals such as snakes possesses a specific syntactic and dynamic analysis. Serpentine robot designed by inspiration from nature and snakes crawling motion, is regarded as a crawling robot. In this article, a serpentine robot with spiral motion model will be analyzed. The purpose of this analysis is to calculate the vertical and tangential forces along snakes body and to determine the parameters affecting on these forces.

Image retrieval using compact Binary signatures

An image retrieval system is a computer system for browsing, searching and retrieving images from a large database of digital images. Most traditional and common methods of image retrieval utilize some method of adding metadata such as captioning, keywords, or descriptions to the images so thatretrieval can be performed over the annotation words.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics involves the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer media for evidentiary and/or root cause analysis. Computer forensics is simply the application of disciplined investigative techniques in the automated environment and the search, discovery, and analysis of potential evidence.

WIRELESS Universal serial bus[USB]

Wireless USB is a wireless technology which enables the high speed computer peripheral interface, USBs. It is a wire replacement of existing USB technology using a Multi Band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing radio technique. Wireless USB is a logical bus that supports data exchange between a host device(typically a PC ) and a wide range of simultaneously accessible peripherals.


Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technologies are web-based applications that approach the speed and elegance of local applications. The term Rich Internet Application was introduced in a Macromedia white paper in March 2002.