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WIRELESS Universal serial bus[USB]

Wireless USB is a wireless technology which enables the high speed computer peripheral interface, USBs. It is a wire replacement of existing USB technology using a Multi Band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing radio technique. Wireless USB is a logical bus that supports data exchange between a host device(typically a PC ) and a wide range of simultaneously accessible peripherals.


Wearable Bio-Sensors (WBS) will permit continuous cardiovascular (CV) monitoring in a number of novels settings. WBS could play an important role in the wireless surveillance of people during hazardous operations (military, firefighting, etc) or such sensors could be dispensed during a mass civilian casualty occurrence. They typically rely on wireless, miniature sensors enclosed in ring or a shirt. They take advantage of handheld units to temporarily store physiological data and then periodically upload that data to a database server via wireless LAN or a Cradle that allow internet connection and used for clinical diagnosis.


In parasitic computing, one machine forces target computers to solve a piece of a complex computational problem merely by engaging them in standard communication. Consequently, the target computers are unaware that they have performed computation for the benefit of a commanding node.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) comprises of waste electronic goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. These range from household appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, personal stereos, televisions, electric lamps, fax machines, batteries to cell phones and computers. E -wastes contain hazardous chemicals and toxins that leak into the environment if left nremoved, causing numerous health and environmental problems.

Cloud Computing Concepts and Design

The cloud computing is a computing platform for the next generation of the Internet. It defines clouds and the need for it to be virtualized, explains virtualization as the key element in any form of application or resource brokering. Also defines virtual machines and their working, types of clouds and service delivery models. Cloud computing users can avoid capital expenditure on hardware, software, and services when they pay a provider only for what they use.


Google Chrome OS is a new operating system introduced by Android. Android was designed from the beginning to work across a variety of devices from phones to set-top boxes to netbooks. The CHROME OS is designed to achieve speed, simplicity and security. The CHROME OS is fast and lightweight and takes very less time to start up and browsing is also with great fast. The security architecture of the OS is tight like linux users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates.