57 thoughts on “Complete Login and Registration Application using PHP and MySQL”

  1. Hello Ravi,
    Thank you for your code. It is one of the best of free codes of this kind on the Internet.
    Could you advise me on how user can add attachments to the sign-up form?

  2. hi, can i add different roles for user? for example i want to add admin and normal user. do i need to link to admin page after log in? and should i create another table in database which store admin’s information?

    1. Hi Arisa,

      The role is decided at the time of registration. Either super admin decides the role or by default, everyone will have a common role, for example subscriber role. After logging in, each role will lead to a different interface (webpage).
      A common database is enough.

  3. Warning: Use of undefined constant title – assumed ‘title’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in C:\xampp\htdocs\loginsystem\edit-profile.php on line 2

  4. hi, i try to delete “bio” element just to check whether it can function or not, apparently the data does not enter in database anymore once i delete any elements. can you tell me why?

  5. hi, i try to add “address” in the signup function but it always lead me to error. can you show me how to do it? and where i am supposed to edit

    1. Add a new placeholder in form and you need to read the same key in PHP and store it into the database. Just follow any one of the existing elements of the form, you will get it.

  6. Hi! I am trying to modify the signup.php by adding croppie.js image cropper to it. The problem is that croppie displays the final photo as base64 and thus it cannot be uploaded to the database. Any chance of adding a base 64 decoder to this application?

      1. thank you for the response. However, I’m new to PHP and i don’t know how to do this the right way. Tried nearly all combinations of the decode without success :(

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