New Trends in Research and Technology

How Data Lineage will Improve Business Practices

How often have you thought about changing the way that you store and use data? If you're like most business…

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Latest Technical Paper Presentation Topics

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10 Innovative Tech Trends Expected in 2022

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5G & WiFi 6 Connectivity and Other Future Possibility

5G rollout will be expedited in the new infrastructure age. However, there is another communication technique that comes to mind:…

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What Are Some of the Applications of AI in Today’s World?

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm, with thousands of small AI businesses that are applying machine learning to…

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Top 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Future will Change the World

Artificial intelligence automation has already impacted our lives. From Siri and Alexa self-driving automobiles, artificial intelligence will govern the future

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How Machine Learning will Shape the E-commerce Industry?

The e-commerce industry is overgrowing, and more people are becoming interested in it and paying close attention to it. But,…

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