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How to convert a DVD into a compressed AVI ??
Here is the solution for it..

  1. Install DVD Decrypter to copy or decrypt the DVD files on your system
  2. Install VIDOMI to Encode or convert copied files into AVI
  3. While installing VIDOMI check the Install XVID
  4. After installing VIDOMI, Since the VIDOMI player acts as an AVI player too, so press the mode button to switch to the ENCODE mode

  5. Go to the Options->General Options in VIDOMI and set the OUTPUT EXTENSION to .avi (For more Configurations go through the video below)

  6. Now open the DVD Decrypter and copy the DVD files into your system with the Mode-IFO and Enable stream Processing
  7. You can specify your desired destination in DVD Decrypter and next click on RIP or Start.
  8. Once Ripping is over, Open VIDOMI Player and browse the ripped files for conversion to .avi
  9. Press the arrow button to specify name and destination
  10. Now go to Options->Video Options to choose your video format
  11. Similarly Configure Audio and Output Size Options in the options (Refer the Video)
  12. You can also configure Options->Select Source Range to cut and crop video file
  13. Now press on Start Encoding to complete the conversion to AVI

Video Explaining conversion of a DVD into a compressed AVI

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