Will Apple Continue to Release the Security Updates for iOS 14 after the iOS 15 Launch

By | July 4, 2021

Apple has acquired widespread recognition for deploying stringent security measures. Be it an iPad or iPhone, and every iOS device comes with hefty privacy and security features. And, in the iOS 14 update, Apple especially aimed at protecting the user’s sensitive data. With this new operating system, you can keep the data secure than ever. If you have iOS 14 on the iPad or iPhone, then you must have an idea about some of the data protection tools.

Starting from limiting the user’s access to adding a password monitoring feature – Apple added useful security controls in this iOS. And, recently, in WWDCC, their software developers announced an interesting fact about iOS 14. Well, Apple stated that, even after the iOS 15 release, the users can stick to the iOS 14.

Moreover, Apple will continue to update the previous OS’s privacy and security features as well. This means, now, you don’t have to opt for a software update to enhance the device’s security.

But, Apple claimed that in iOS 15, they would introduce a set of exclusive security features. Those features will be useful for the individuals who use their iOS devices to store organisational data. So, if you mostly use the iPhone or iPad for work-related purposes, it would be better to switch to iOS 15. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to update the software or not.

Apple Continue to Release the Security Updates

Why Should You Stick to iOS 14?

Apple keeps on releasing major software updates to its devices on an annual schedule. During this time, they either include new features or go for security and privacy enhancements. But, after updating the iOS devices, sometimes the users face severe glitches and difficulty while using certain apps.

At times, software updates can wreak havoc with third-party devices. Organisational restrictions can sometimes prevent iOS users from updating the software. So, make sure to contact the iPad repair experts, if you are facing any issue after the iOS 14 update.

Now, let’s talk about the major possibilities that can take place after switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15. But to understand that, you should first know what kind of issues the iOS users have faced with each software update.

Problems with iOS 13

Do you know after the iOS 13 update, many users have experienced battery drainage and Wi-Fi issues. Yes! Some of them reported Bluetooth connectivity errors and UI lag as well. After switching from iOS 12 to iOS 13, many have come across app installation issues. Some of those problems are new, and the other was previously noticed in the iOS 12 update.

Though, these kinds of issues can be fixed easily. But, an unstable network connection or FaceTime issue can be troublesome. After the iOS 13 update, the users faced a few more issues. Want to know what those are? Here, we are mentioning some of the problems that get triggered after updating the operating system:

  • GPS issues
  • Random Reboots
  • Voicemail issues

For these reasons, many iOS 13 users have either downgraded to the previous version of iOS. And, some of them opted for installing the iOS 14 version to improve the iPhone or iPad’s performance. It was noticed that Apple’s “.0.1 updates” has caused more issues than the other versions.

Have you been using iOS 11.0.1 or 12.0.1 devices? Did you face any call error or display issues? Yes! Though, these “.0.1” versions were released to fix the problems of the previous version. But, Apple failed to do so. For these reasons, some users might feel more comfortable with the iOS 14. However, after the iOS 16 release, you might have to update the software to iOS 15.

Current Privacy and Security Features of iOS 14

Apple has incorporated a few effective privacy and security controls in iOS 14, which you might not get in the upcoming versions. And, this is another reason why some iPhone and iPad users are not willing to update the software.

Many iOS users have stated that the 2020’s update is worth downloading. Want to know what are the most important security and privacy features of iOS 14? Here, we are mentioning some of the security updates that you haven’t seen before on any iOS devices:

1. Acknowledge when Apps are Using Camera and Microphone

Certain iOS applications like FaceTime require both the camera and microphone to function. In the earlier versions, apps on iOS have to explicitly ask for the user’s permission to access the camera and mic. Sometimes, fraudulent or third-party apps take the camera permission without the user’s acknowledgement. And, these apps can track the user’s activity and even access the stored data.

Thus, Apple has implemented security features that will prevent these issues. From iOS 14 onwards, you will be able to see an indicator dot at the top of the screen. If you notice a green dot, this means an application is using the camera. And, the orange dot signifies microphone usage. Open the “Control Center” to get more information about the apps that have recently used a camera microphone.

2. Strengthened the Wi-Fi Security

Apple focused on securing the Wi-Fi networks in iOS 14. In this latest iOS version, you will get a “Use Private Address” feature which will reduce the potential vulnerability. With this security tool, cybercriminals won’t be able to track the iPhone even if it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

Unable to find this iOS 14 feature? Consider opening the “Wi-Fi” menu from “Settings” to get the “Private Address” feature. Moreover, this new feature will give a different MAC address whenever you connect the iPhone to the internet. So, this makes device tracking more difficult.

3. Know when Apps are Snooping the Clipboard

Every iOS device comes with a clipboard where the users copy and paste the necessary information. But, some applications can monitor these saved texts or website links that you have pasted in the clipboard.

To prevent those apps from accessing the clipboard’s information, iOS 14 has added a new feature. This new clipboard notification feature is one of the best additions to the iPhones. So, if you are using iOS 14, you will get a notification when any app tries to read the clipboard’s data.

4. Added App Privacy Cards

Apple talked about this exclusive iOS 14 feature last year, but it has not been added yet. With the app privacy cards, iPhone users can get details on what the apps do with the collected data. It can be assumed that the developers are still working on this feature. And, when it appears, you can see an “App Privacy” button inside the App Store’s listings. If you find this option, consider tapping on it then. See what kind of information you share with a particular app and how it is recording this information.

iOS 14’s Security Features are the Best Innovations of Apple

Apple’s iOS 14 is awarded as the best operating system for many reasons; apart from the other OS, iOS 14 takes minimum time to download. Within 5-15 minutes, you can switch from iOS 13 to iOS 14. But, sometimes, you might face restrictions during the software update. In certain instances, make sure to press and release the volume up and down buttons. Consider holding and pressing the side button – Can you see the Apple logo? Release the side button, and the software will start downloading.

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