Best Firewalls to Secure Small Businesses

By | November 22, 2020

Cybersecurity is extremely important and cannot be overlooked in any case. Many a times small scale businesses are not that serious about their cybersecurity practices. But this is one of the deadliest mistakes. Hackers and unauthorized attackers are aware of this fact and therefore often take advantage causing serious and often irreversible damage to the small-scale businesses.

IT support in Los Angeles advises small businesses to make use of firewalls so their data and other sensitive resources can be safeguarded and protected. Firewalls allow safe and foolproof data transfers. At the same time, businesses can also use firewalls to build a strong fort around them and battle any unauthorized attempts aimed at stealing, leaking or manipulating their company’s data.

There are several custom IT support services and firewalls that small businesses can opt for. These firewalls are known for their efficiency and optimal performance. When selecting a firewall for your small scale business, you should make the right choice and select a firewall that can truly protect their data. Here are our top five firewall recommendations that you should surely consider:

Firewall for security

1. Fortinet:

Fortinet is amongst the most renowned firewalls. They are known for their powerful softwares and have services that are specially targeted towards small to midsize businesses. They have developed their own application-specific processors and the customized security chips offer smoother and faster network management. Plus the biggest perk is the fact that you can scale the services as your business grows or shrink them if you do not need all those services.

The management console of the firewall also has a simple and intuitive interface and it is managed over cloud. Therefore, you will be able to access the insights and get your data no matter where you are. A demonstration as well as a customized quote or package can be requested by customers before signing up for any service.

Fortinet Firewall Router

2. Ubiquiti Edge Router:

The Ubiquiti Edge Router is not a firewall service, rather a network router that features its own built in firewall. It is an ideal choice for businesses who are sick of unwanted traffic on their websites. You will be able to maintain your company’s online presence and run your website smoothly without worrying that someone may have access to your company’s sensitive data resources.

The router allows maximum control and customization for the customers. The customers can change the firewall properties and also add rules which allow or block traffic. This makes it a customizable firewall rather than forcing businesses to make do with a pre-built and configured firewall system. The router comes with an easy to follow guide that will help you go through the setup process with ease.

3. Cisco Meraki MX:

Cisco Meraki is amongst the most renowned firewall service providers in the market. They are specially popular amongst developed large scale businesses but small scale businesses and startups can also take advantage of their services. They have scalable services which can grow with your business.

They have a lot of variety in the packages as well. The entry level package accommodates 50 clients whereas the larger options allow you to add up to 10,000 connections at the same time.  They also offer cloud based management for the firewalls which allows easy access. Other features like Malware detection, content filtration and automatic VPN configuration also add to the reasons why every small scale business should be considering the Cisco Meraki MX.

4. OPNSense:

Most small scale businesses prefer an economical and budget-friendly firewall service. What if we tell you, you can have a firewall for free? That sure does sound like an excellent plan. The OPNSense is an open-source firewall solution that offers almost the same level of services that other high-end firewall service providers have to offer. The service is updated on a regular basis so that businesses can be certain that they are not being served outdated firewall protection.

The interface and management of the OPNSense firewall is not that simple and easy. However, the guide provided is a good way for businesses to understand the system. Another important point is that hardware is not provided by them and the businesses have to arrange the hardware themselves.

5. SonicWall:

Most businesses in the modern era provide their services online. The SonicWall is the perfect firewall service for such businesses. They have a variety of different packages that are great for small scale businesses but can be scaled and expanded as the business flourishes. The packages may be designed for small-scale businesses but the extent of services and data management is surely extensive.

There are plenty of different ways in which you can incorporate SonicWall firewalls in your business operations. You can set up a web application firewall to control the web permissions and access for each device. The server management can be taken care of through their load balancing feature. The services are convenient to setup and yet extremely reliable.

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