Paper Presentation Topics for Computer Science Engineering

We bring you the latest Paper Presentation Topics for Computer Science Engineering. Click on the topic name to read in detail. These topics give an idea of what topic to be chosen and what information needs to be included as part of a technical paper. Technical papers have been written in a standard format. You can contact us for more details.

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I have tried to list out some of the trending topics here. I am sure there are hundreds of new technologies evolving every other day. If you come across any new technology, you are most welcome to share it with everyone here.

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  • Hi sir I'm computer Engineering 4 sem student
    I want to do project so suggest me the topic for ppt

  • Hi sir
    I am now 3rd year cse student.
    Can you suggest me a good topic for paper presentation and can you also guide me with the steps to present a paper.
    Since it is my 1st paper presentation.

    • Hi Shirisha,

      You can go with a simple and interesting topic as a beginner.
      I can suggest you one. Wearable Biosensors -

      firstly, you have to prepare a document in the suggested format. I'm sure they cannot find any reason to reject well prepared and interesting topics.
      Once the topic gets selected, you will have to present it in front of everyone. People get nervous about this but don't worry, if you get a good grip on the topic you will be able to present it easily.

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