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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to any situation in which computing is done in a remote location (out in the clouds) rather than your portable device or desktop where-in the computing power is tapped over an internet connection. At basic level cloud computing is simply a means of delivering IT resources as services. Almost all IT resources can be delivered as a cloud service: applications, compute power, storage capacity, networking, programming tools, communication services even collaboration tools.

Programmable Logic Devices

Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) are ICs with a large number of gates and flip flops that can be configured with basic software to perform a specific logic function or perform the logic for a complex circuit. Unlike a logic gate, which has a fixed function, a PLD has an undefined function at the time of manufacture. Before the PLD can be used in a circuit it must be programmed, that is, reconfigured.

4G Wireless Technology

4G is a technology which refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is a successor to 3G and 2G standards. Its main aim is to provide a wide range of data rates up to ultra-broadband (gigabit-speed) Internet access to mobile as well as stationary users.

Semantic Web

Semantics is the study of meaning. It’s as old as the ancient Greeks. For most of us it was a deadly dull sub-discipline of philosophy, to be avoided. But it turns out that we can’t avoid it. We are drowning in a sea of data which occasionally is generously referred to as information. But the truth is that almost all of it must be interpreted by humans to be of any use.