Embedded Web server for Industrial Automation

By | May 16, 2015

The world has entered an era wherein every electronic device that we know of and use today may be networked and controlled remotely. Efforts to this effect have been given a shot in the arm with the imminent introduction of “The Embedded Web Server” specially suited for Industrial Automation. With the explosion of the Internet and Web services, companies that have provided proprietary solutions for networking rushed to add Internet technologies and Embedded Web Servers to their product lines. It provides a more open and economical alternative of the networking devices, reduces development costs and increases functionality. Embedded Web Servers are an integral part of an embedded network used widely. The goal here is to provide an Internet-enabled device that can be accessed remotely over a network and through which an operator sitting on a client computer can remotely monitor or manipulate networked devices. Such a device finds applications in office and industrial automation, high-speed gaming and medical science, to name a few. It is like a microprocessor or microcontroller that contains an Internet software suite as well as application code for monitoring and controlling systems. Such a system can serve web pages over a TCP/IP network, allowing any browser with access to the network the ability to control and monitor a network application, allows users to monitor and control their embedded applications using any standard browser and so on.

The advantage of an embedded Web server is that it provides an interface to the product that anyone who has a network-connected computer and a standard Web browser can open and use. No special software needs to be installed or configured. They are a fast evolving technology for Internet devices. Application areas for this technology also include telecommunication devices, industrial controllers, measuring instruments and consumer electronics. It is an award winning technology that the world has ever seen.

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