How AI is Reshaping Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days and that’s not an over-exaggeration. When you think about asking your home virtual assistant to turn on a song or use face recognition to unlock your phone, AI is at work. It’s developing every single day and new functions with it are also emerging at an accelerated pace. The presence of AI in the sphere of digital marketing, sales, and customer service shouldn’t come as a surprise. Let’s take a closer look at how AI is helping these spheres evolve and how you can utilize the latest that technology has to offer to take your business to the next level.

Voice Search

Every marketer knows about search engine optimization (SEO) but it now has a major contender — voice search optimization. Virtual assistants are everywhere now — from Siri to Alexa and others. Almost everyone has one or the other, at the very least. That means more people are making search queries with their voice which is opening up a need of optimizing search results based on the searches made with voice as opposed to just typing. Similar to the usual search engine algorithms, search engines will begin ranking and showcasing links to reputable websites based on searches that come via voice. It’s vital that businesses become early adopters of voice search optimization. Why? Just like how it’s difficult to rank for high positions on Google with certain keywords because some websites have established great authority already, you should be motivated to start early to put your business on the map while the competition hasn’t grown.

Dynamic Pricing

We all know the situation all too well when chocolate becomes more pricey around Valentine’s Day or wrapping paper around Christmas time. That is something known as dynamic pricing — having products with prices that are adjustable according to season, demand, and separate instances. This is a great approach for attracting potential customers who left their online cart full to come back and decide to check out their order. You can invest in AI software that will automatically adjust the prices of certain prices of your products after thoroughly analyzing market trends to yield more sales. Currently, Amazon and Airbnb are notable examples of companies that utilize that strategy. A notification of a small discount on one item in a person’s unattended cart has real potential of inclining customers to shop — maybe even more than they were initially planning to. After all, who can ignore a good sale?


Did you know that customer reviews can actually impact sales and your overall reputation on online platforms? A good or bad customer service incident is enough to make or break your customers’ impression of your business. Luckily, AI offers an approach to help with this as well. Let’s say you have a B2B agency and a potential client who wants to ask about your digital marketing services. Instead of having a difficult time reaching you by phone or writing an email that goes unanswered for days, you can utilize a chatbot to offer real-time questions and answers and provide them with immediate customer service. If their query requires a more detailed response from a human and cannot be answered with the pre-trained database, then they can be transferred to a person. If the chatbot can answer all of their questions (and more) without waiting on hold for an operator, why shouldn’t you utilize it?

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AI Content Creation

Content plays a huge role in digital marketing — from emails to blogs and promotional texts. Creating all of that takes time and practice, but what if AI could simplify it? Arguably, every week you’ll find a new AI-based tool on the market that can help elevate and streamline your content marketing. There are applications that can quickly do a grammar or spelling check on your content, check if it is unique or plagiarized, and even paraphrase whole pieces of text. Innovation is about to go a step further as AI is starting to master the art of generating unique text so you don’t have to. Soon, it may be easy to fill out a few details like a topic or title and AI will generate an entire blog article for you to post. That doesn’t mean the current AI out in the market isn’t a great place to start to streamline content marketing processes.

The digital world is no exception when it comes to integration with AI. It is not only assisting businesses in streamlining their processes efficiently but bringing benefits on the client side as well. There are many AI tools and processes out in the world now and many more to come. We hope this article will inspire you to unlock new potential for your business with the help of AI.

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