Intrusion Detection System

                      Intrusion Detection System (IDS) attempt to identify Computer system intrusion and misuse by gathering and analyzing data. IDSs have traditionally been developed to detect intrusion and misuse for wired system and networks. More recently, IDSs have been developed for use on wireless networks. These wireless IDSs can monitor and analyze user and system activities of known attacks, identify abnormal network activity and detect policy violations. Wireless IDSs gather all local wireless transmissions and generate alerts based either on predefined signatures or on anomalies in the traffic.

A wireless Intrusion Detection System is similar to a standard, wired IDS, but has additional deployment requirements, as well as some unique features, specify to intrusion and misuse detection. An Intrusion Detection System is used to detect several types of malicious behavior that can compromise the security and trust of the computer system. We intend to avoid the access and keep track of the intruder’s attempts and intrusions.

A wireless Intrusion Detection and Avoidance System (IDAS) is software designed to detect unwanted attempt and accessing, manipulating and/or disabling computer system using cell phone. We intend to avoid the access and keep track of the intruders attempts and intentions.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. All other applications run in the background which is not possible in any mode of PC i.e. standby, sleep, and log off modes.
  2. The intruder image can be viewed by the admin anytime.
  3. The number of packets transferred or received using the internet can be tracked.
  4. The application is having settings option which the admin can change anytime. e.g. changing the password, record option, taking image etc.


  1. Must have the dial-up connection with PC and GPRS activated on mobile.
  2. If the PC has restarted the application has to be started again by the admin.


Intrusion detection system can be used for monitoring file system for changes. It is helpful in detecting what changes are made to the system after an attack. An intrusion detection system is used to detect several types of malicious behaviors that can compromise the security and trust of a computer system. We intend to avoid the access and keep track of the intruder’s attempts and intentions. Such a system can make a big addition to the security in today’s world to avoid different kinds of attacks (CryptoLockerWannaCry, other Ransomware attacks happening around.

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