7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to LED Lights

LED lighting is one of the greatest innovations of the last few years and it offers tons of benefits for both commercial and residential owners. However, commercial building owners stand to benefit the most from the technology because of the larger number of light fixtures they have to power. Switching to LED could help them significantly reduce their energy costs and reduce the impact their operation is having on the environment. If you have heavy lighting needs, going for LED lights could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your business. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why all businesses should consider making the switch to LED lights and why it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

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They Last Longer

One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is that they last much longer than any other option. LEDs can last as long as 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. That’s about 50 times longer than your average incandescent light, 20 to 25 times longer than halogen lights, and about 10 times longer than fluorescent lights. They don’t cost that much to buy either in comparison to these other options, so you’ll be able to save a lot of money on light bulbs over the next few years by making the switch. In fact, it is quite easy to forget when you bought your last LED light since this is how long it can remain functional.

They’re More Versatile

There are tons of things that you can do with LEDs that you would never be able to do with any other option. You can set them up to create dazzling eye-catching displays for your business. You can animate them or switch their colors depending on the occasion. This is why you need to consider using them as a marketing tool. Work with an LED Lighting installation service that has worked on a wide variety of projects and who’ll be able to sit down with you and run through ideas. This can help you even with the very complex possible scenarios in which you might have difficulties choosing the right LEDs for your business.

They’re Eco-Friendly

If you’re trying to project a green image to your customers, you have to be consistent. If they find out that you’re not using the most eco-friendly lighting solutions, you’ll hear from them and it will reflect poorly on your company. So, do everything that you can to reduce your carbon footprint and switch to LED lights. These only require a fraction of the energy incandescent lights and other options require, which will reduce both your contribution to greenhouse gases emissions and your energy bill.

Speaking of which, did you know that switching to LEDs could reduce your total energy output by as much as 70%? Just to put that in perspective, Buckingham Palace recently switched to LEDs for all their lighting features and it’s estimated that the energy needed to light up the whole building is less than the amount needed to make a cup of tea. So, don’t underestimate the kinds of savings you could make by making that simple switch.

Better Lighting Control

Every single year, LED technology improves. It simply gets smarter and smarter. As a result, businesses gained the ability to easily create highly customized lighting solutions, all based on the needs they have.

As a very simple example, you can take advantage of occupancy sensors. They will dictate if someone is inside the room so that lights can be turned off or turned on automatically. Then, you can combine the system with smartphones or computers, timers, and so much more. Basically, the business can easily tailor what they use to perfectly meet the organization’s needs.

Better Overall Lighting

When you use LEDs, you gain a much higher accuracy and quality for your lights. The lights give you truly optimal color rendering, enhanced ambient lighting, and sharper focus. All of these combined can improve the appearance of the facility. Both employees and customers are going to get a better experience.

Lighting accuracy improvements are also going to do wonders when it comes to improving worker safety. You need very good lights if you want to avoid hazards and mistakes. And as a business owner, you do want to make the best possible impression. For instance, when you have an important client show up at your business, you do not want to have a room that is not lit properly. This would make a very bad impression.

Better Working Environment

One important thing to know about LED lighting is that it is less tiring for the eyes of your workers. It is also glare-free. Due to this, there is a pretty good possibility you will quickly notice employee satisfaction go up as workplace productivity is improved.

We should also highlight the fact that LED lights have higher accuracy, which does improve workplace safety since visibility is higher. In addition, as opposed to regular legacy lighting, like mercury filled fluorescent tubes, with LED lights you do not need to worry about shattering. They do not have any toxic materials inside them. This means you get to save some money when disposing of them since you do not have to pay extra for the process.

Very Easy To Upgrade

Upgrading your current lights to LED lights is not at all difficult. There are drop-in LED bulbs that perfectly work with your existing fixtures. Also, there are some replacement fixtures you can easily consider.

In most situations, it is simpler to install the LED lights than regular lights. You do not need some extra supporting equipment or ballasts. Everything necessary to operate the lights is already self-contained. But, if you do need help, you can easily ask an electrician to give you a hand.


These are all great reasons why you should consider making the switch to LED lighting immediately. Speak to a few experts today and see if LED would be the best option for your place of business.

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