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By | January 26, 2015

WhatsApp being an easy and most used communication  channel for smartphone users has finally come up with web interface for users which will be in sync with smartphone.  The web interface can be accessed through

How to enable WhatsApp on web browser (desktop)?

  1. Go to

    WhatsApp on web browser

    the page looks like this

  2. Open WhatsApp in your smartphone. Go to menu -> WhatsApp Web

    WhatsApp on web browser - go to menu and then whatsapp web

    Click on WhatsApp Web

  3. You need to match the QR code on the web browser through your phone by scanning.

    Access WhatsApp on web browser - scanning QR code through phone

    Scan the image(QR code) on the browser through your smartphone

  4. Now you are ready to use WhatsApp through web browser.

WhatsApp on web browser has several limitations:

  • The sad news is for iPhone users. Yes iPhone users cannot avail WhatsApp web interface as its web interface is limited to Android, Windows, BlackBerry, BB10, Nokia S60 operating systems.
  • The WhatsApp web interface can be accessed only through Google chrome web browser. WhatsApp on web browser - can be accessed only through google chrome browser
  • You can access WhatsApp’s web interface only when you have internet access on your smartphone.

    WhatsApp on web browser - Network not available

    You get Phone not Connected error if internet is not enabled on your phone

  •  You should have latest WhatsApp installed and so the chrome OS.
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