Most Common Problems & their Fixes for Android Phones

Undoubtedly, Android is one of the greatest mobile operating systems. But, like every other electronic device, it also does have some flaws. There are a lot of issues, but we have selected the most common ones that were reported mostly. Here, the solutions are mentioned so that you don’t have to face any sort of trouble fixing the problems. You can easily follow the instructions and resolve the issue, all by yourself. However, we would always suggest that if you face any critical problem, then do not forget to seek help from professional repair agencies.

There can be numerous reasons behind your damaged Android. You can take help from mobile repair services for any critical problem. But, over here, we will discuss some of the most common problems along with their fixes. So, follow them accordingly.

1. Low battery life

This is one of the most common problems faced by users. Many have reported low battery life as an issue. Though the model and the power of an Android phone is changing as the days pass by, the size of the battery is the same. If the Android has good processing units, then the battery life can be longer.

There are some fixes that you can try to solve the problem. By changing the Location and the Brightness settings, you can prevent the battery from getting drained out. To do so, first, you have to go to the Settings menu. Then, tap on the Location to disable it and select the Battery Saving Mode option. For the brightness, you have to avoid using auto-brightness. You can set the level at acceptable eyesight.

2. Slow user functioning

You must know that due to full internal storage, often the phone slows down. And, this can be a real problematic situation. But, you can solve this problem.

First, you have to delete all the unused apps and photos. If you don’t want to delete them, then you can transfer them to cloud storage or on a microSD card. Clean all the apps from the background. And, you can also go to Settings and click on the App option to delete the Cache Data. This will help you to fasten the functioning of the phone. Further, you can also install App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master Application from the Google Play Store for free.

3. Google Play Store is missing

The users might not find the Google Play Store. You don’t need to worry because you haven’t deleted the application. The fixes can help you to solve the problem.

Go to the Settings first, then select the App option, and now look for the Google Play Store. You might have disabled the application. You can scroll down the App tab and can get the application. Click it to change to Enable the option.

4. Sudden Shut down of the device

You might have often experienced suddenly your phone turning off by itself. It might be because you haven’t changed the phone. No need to worry because there are some ways that will help you out.

First, you need to give a full charge to the phone. It is a very common aspect, if your battery drains completely. After that, turn on the phone and see if it is working or not. You can also press the Power button and volume down button at the same time. It will display some boot options. Tap on it, and when the phone reboots, the error will be gone.

5. Malware installed

If accidentally you installed the malware, then nothing is worse than that. This can create a major issue and one of the most serious problems.

You need to be very conscious while downloading anything. Most of the apps are not verified in the Play Store. The only solution that can prevent this mistake is by downloading an antivirus. Thus, you are recommended to use a trustable app to find the installed malware and delete it.

6. The Bluetooth and the mobile data not responding

Due to connectivity problems, the users might experience Bluetooth or mobile data not responding to issues. This is also one of the common problems that you might face.

The first thing that you need to do is reboot your device, and it solves most of the problems. Then, turn on the Aeroplane mode for a few minutes, and then turn it off. You will see that it starts functioning normally.

7. App sync issues

There are some applications that use synchronisation. Hence, you need to make sure that they are always up-to-date. The main problem is when it shows errors in synchronization features.

In this case, you need to check the Google Play Store if the application has any incomplete installation. If it is, then you need to reinstall the app. You also need to check the Settings and change the Wi-Fi network if there is any connection problem.

8. Overheating

Overheating is a very common problem in Android phones. The users often experience this problem. And, there are no specific fixes for this. But, there are some precautions that you can take like you need to avoid using your phone while charging it and don’t use your phone for too long. If you see that your phone is getting warm, stop using your phone and give it a break. These are some ways you can prevent your phone from getting overheated. 

9. Unable to charge

The users might get into panic mode when they see that their phone is not charging. It can be one of the worst situations, but it is quite common in Android phones. And, here are some ways that can help you out.

First, check the cable and the charging brick. See if they are functioning properly or not. Also, you can do so by testing it with another charger. If the fault is in your charging cable, then you have to replace the charger with a better one. Further, if the problem is with your phone, then you have to take your phone to any authorized repair shop.

10. The touchscreen is not responding

The worst thing that can happen to your phone is when your touchscreen is not working. A major issue behind this problem might be that the phone has fallen from your hand or any other reason.

You need to take your phone to any authorized phone repair shop. If the reason is not that extreme, then the reason can be a temporary system error. To fix the problem, just turn off the phone for a few minutes and then turn it on. And, your phone will start working normally.

11. Can’t send the text messages

You might have experienced that after sending a text, you see that it has actually not been sent. It can create a lot of problems and can be really frustrating.

To make things normal, you have to wait unless it normalizes again. You can also try out a few things. You can also turn on the aeroplane mode for a few minutes and then turn it on. You can also reboot your device or opt for downloading another texting app. 

12. WiFi cannot be connected to the device

The users have often experienced this issue. It can be very problematic when you are in the middle of something and see that WiFi is not connecting. It can be the router’s fault and not your phone’s.

Check if the other devices are connecting with the Wi-Fi or not. If it is, then it might be a connection problem with the router and with your Android phone. In this case, you have to reboot the router. Turn it off for at least 15 seconds, and then turn it on. See if it fixes the problem or not.

If still, the problem remains, then you have to choose the option “Forget the Wi-Fi network” from your Android phone. And, then again, re-enter the password and see if the connection problem is there or not.

13. The SD card is not being identified by the device

This can be like a nightmare when your device can’t identify the SD card. First, you must keep a backup of all the files as accidents can happen anytime. You need to maintain precautions.

There is no fixed way to solve the problem. You can try reinserting the SD card and then rebooting the device.

But, if it doesn’t solve the problem, then you might have to format the SD card. First, you have to go to the Settings option and have to select the storage tab. Then, you have to select the format SD card option. You might not get back the files, but it will fix the problem.

14. The download fails

One of the most common issues that the users face is the failure of downloads. And, this can be very annoying. You might see that while downloading videos or games, the download has stuck midway. Everyone faces this issue, and the only way to solve this is by cleaning the caches.

First, you have to go to the Settings option and have to select the App option. There you will find the Download App option. You have to clean the cache and its data; after that, rebooting the device will implement the changes. Now, you can download whatever you want to.

15. The Google Play Store is not responding

Android users must have experienced this problem. When the users try to open the Google Play Store, it closes by itself. And, this can be very annoying. You might be trying to update the application or want to check the updates, but it is not responding. The fixes of this problem are simple, so you can easily fix the issue.

First, you have to go to the Settings option and have to select the App option. Now, search for the Google Play Services option and click on it. Now choose the Clear Cache option, and then you have to reboot the device so that it starts working normally.


Here are the most common 15 problems along with their fixes. This will help you to solve the problem. Be calm and have patience. Further, you need to have a cool mind while following the instructions. Don’t make any mistakes and if you are not that confident, then you are advised to go to seek help from mobile repair experts.

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