Learn advanced programming

PHP code to display MySQL data in an HTML table

A simple HTML form containing fields – Name, Address Line1, Address Line2, and E-mail. On submitting the form, the data is inserted into MySQL table using PHP code. We will iterate over each record present in the table to display MySQL data in an HTML table.

Implementation of Hamming code

Hamming code pattern is mainly used for detection of errors in bits. The main objective is, detection of single bit error, burst error and to correct by using the suitable methodology (by hamming distance concept).

Password Paradigm

A password in the virtual world is something like a lock in the world of reality. A password is an information associated with an entity that confirms the entity’s identity. Let us understand what is password paradigm?

Implementation of Queue

This project explains the implementation of a QUEUE using a triangle as an element. The queue is a data structure which works on FIFO (First In First Out) technique. The triangles are inserted as elements by assigning color and side to each element(triangle). Triangles will be placed one above another by keeping first inserted triangle at the bottom and the successive elements on top of it. When Delete operation is selected using mouse button the triangle from the front end will be taken out first from the Queue.