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Green Concrete

       Global warming is one of the major threats to the environment till date. Production of concrete is one of the vital factors for global warming as it accounts for 30% of the total CO2 released in the atmosphere. This can be minimised by eco-friendly substitute known as green concrete. In this post we have discussed… Read More »

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is an essential concept in the day to day life. Due to increase of many industries and man- made things, a lot of waste gets collected which is hazardous to the environment and its occupants. These wastes can be Recycled, Disposed, Buried or burnt and make the environment clean and free from hazardous solid wastes.

Underwater Concreting

Abstract :  Major recent developments by the Engineers in the underwater construction of locks and dams include the in-the- wet construction method. Underwater Concreting uses precast concrete modules as the in situ form into which concrete is placed directly underwater. The underwater concrete is designed to work in composite with the precast concrete. In depth studies have shown that… Read More »