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Fully functional driver less car from Google

Google on Monday(22 Dec) revealed that they are going to launch the first autonomous car soon. The internet giant wants to lead the world in new direction. The car can travel at a speed of 40 km/hour. The self driving car is now fully functional with lot many changes from the version of May launch. The latest one… Read More »

The smartphone Xiaomi MI3

The Xiaomi MI3 is so effective in India that it is making other smartphone vendors to decrease their price in Indian market. Recently the Motorola’s Moto G was repriced at rupees 11,999 from rupees 13,999 with the latest android version Kitkat. The MI3 is available at rupees 13,999 only with all great features which Google Nexus 5 has. All… Read More »

LG Google Nexus 5 Specifications | Price

The LG Google Nexus 5 is a 4.95-inch Full HD IPS(In-plane switching) touch screen that lets users enjoy images and videos in a way like never before. It supports capacitive touch that functions quite smoothly. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 makes the screen sturdy and capable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. LG Google Nexus 5 specifications Built-in Wireless Charging 4.95-inch Full HD… Read More »

Google Glass

Touchpad: A touchpad is located on the side of Google Glass, allowing users to control the device by swiping through a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen. Sliding backward shows current events, such as weather, and sliding forward shows past events, such as phone calls, photos, circle updates, etc. Camera: Google Glass has the ability to take photos… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Gear – a smartwatch

The Gear has no SIM card or data connection of its own. Instead, it links to your phone over Bluetooth, acting more as an external display so you don’t have to bother about your phone every time it makes some sound. You can also capture images, listen to music, watch videos and what more..