Computer Science Project topics

Computer Science Project topics

Here you can find the computer science project topics based on Java, vb, .Net, html, php many of which are web based and uses MS SQL , SQL and oracle databases for back end operations. There are minor and major project topics also. If you come across any difficulties comment on this page we shall discuss and solve your doubts. And if there is anything wrong you can bring it to my notice I would be really glad to you.

Web based Reward Points Management System

This project aims at building a reward points management system for the customer support team of the company. Objectives are to build

  1. A data store for  user information
  2. Web site supporting functionalities like – search/sort/add/delete/view/modify etc on user information
  3. Modules for bonus point allocation
  4. Facility to add information on different gifts available and bonus points against them
  5. Facility to detect fraud/duplicate users
  6. Generate report on number of users using the infobar in a month, their responses to various schemes etc
  7. Communicate user via email to notify him about various incentives and bonus point schemes, get his feedback etc

Based on: html, active server pages/java server pages, ms sql server/oracle,  t-sql

Development  of an application for receiving  orders for printing  digital photographs

A customer can have a set of digital photographs in his desktop which he/she wants to print. He/she can provide the application the path to the folder where the photographs are stored and can choose the photos that he/she wants to print and choose the size of the prints. The application will calculate the price after downloading the price information from the database for the different print sizes and show it to the user. The user will enter his/her credit card/other payment option (or choose any other mode of payment) and shipping information if he/she wants to go ahead with the order. If the credit card information is found correct, the photos are uploaded to the server and a purchase order is created in the database.Based on: vb, sql server/oracle
Data Centralization over Networks Data centralization over networks (data-con) aims the centralization of data in different platforms. The data, which are based in different platforms, can be centralized in an unique server. The main peculiarity of the data-con is that the clients can use different platforms and databases. Data-con can be used to synchronize datas in different databases such as sql. Oracle, mysql, access, etc. It can be used as a back up aims to develop client and server tools to centralize over various networks.Data-con can be used as a backup tool for taking file backup from network, internet and local machine. Exiles, which are created in monitored folders, are copied over the network to the central folder, which can be used as backup .folder or central storage. Data-cons can be used to centralize dates in both internet and intranet, and it can be used to synchronize data between different network supports the communication between the clients in different platforms. It is also having some chat application. It allows both online and off-line communication.
Electronic Mail Server The ‘electronic mail server’ has been developed to simplify and enhance inter personnel communication in an intra-organizational setup. This follows a client-server approach where the website works on the server and the user form the client. The client requests the server for services and the server responds by transferring required information to the user.  The site is going to be operated by the internet users and administered by the organizational administrator who will be server based. The administrator will have the privilege to limit the number of users that can register as members. He can limit the number of mail a particular user can store for him self.The administrator can also restore vital information in case of a serious breakdown. The user will operate from the client side by accessing the provisions provided by the website. This can be done irrespective of the geographical location.However, an internet connection with its entire infrastructure is a must. The provisions include, getting registered as a member in the official website, composing and sending e-mail to his counterparts thus sharing official information and official status on a particular aspect. Also is included the option of deleting unwanted messages from ones mailbox and the facility to modify/change personal information provided in the website like ones password, telephone number etc.
Offline Drug Accessor The vendor of the PDA-held devices, laptops and desktops is providing the additional facilities for its clients. Here we are intended to develop one of the facility which is providing by the vendor i.e. Drug information to the Doctors. Here we are developing two types of applications:

  • Standalone
  • Net-based solution.

Based on: JSP, JDBC, Apache Tomcat 5.0

Development of an Interest Calculation system for a retail bank. Consider a retail bank which collects money from customers and in return gives them an interest at pre determined rate. Our objective is to automate this process of interest calculation.The system developed should calculate interest daily for each account having balance more than zero at the correct interest rate. This interest calculated will be cumulatively stored in a table which will be updated every day. Remember that the balance on which interest is calculated daily will change because the customer may deposit or withdraw money. Every month the cumulative interest calculated will be credited to the customer. After this point of time the cumulative interest stored should be set to zero because the customer has benefited for the period specified. Before interest is credited to the customers account tax should be debited from the interest according to prevalent government laws.Based on: vb, java, unix, oracle, crystal reports.

Micro Controller based Power Theft Identifier

“Power theft” is a non-ignorable crime that is highly prevalent, and at the same time it directly affects the economy of a nation. Electricity is the modern man’s most convenient and useful form of energy without which the present social infrastructure would not be feasible.
Authentication using mobile phones The proposed system involves using a mobile phone as a software token for one time password generation. The generated one time password is valid for only a short user defined period of time and is generated by factors that are unique to both, the user and the mobile device itself. Additionally, an sms-based mechanism is implemented as both a backup mechanism for retrieving the password and as a possible mean of synchronization.Based on: j2me

Network  Monitoring System Communication

The main objective of this project is to develop a fullfledged system giving detailed information about local network of a campus. This project s focused mainly in administrative task.this software enables the local network administrator to view the entire network structure, to perform client control and real time monitoring, to find lan traffic and failure detection and he can chat with the clients and check the complaints registered by them. The administrator can also change his password for ensuring security in the network.Here the administrator monitors all the machines in the network and he has the facility to view the system configuration. He also monitor all the users logged on to the network and has the facility to view the details of the users such as username, last logoofftime, last logintime, login date and privilege. Administrator can send online messages to all remote systems in the network or send online messages to a particular users logged into remote system. Call registration facility is provided for the users to register his complaints and requests. Administrator has the facility to view the complaint registered by the user and send a reply back to the user. The users can also send feedback about the resources provided by tile organization. Administrator can find the software installed in a machine.

Student  Project Allocation and Management with Online Testing System (SPM)

In this project we are developing a web-based system, which manages the activity of student project management and online testing. This system will manage the database and maintain a list of all student groups that have registered on this site, conduct their online test and shortlist those students who have passed the eligibility criteria as set by the professors.

Based on: ms-sql server, html, active server pages unix, shell, c, oracle

Intruder Detection System

The number of hacking and intrusion incidents is increasing alarmingly each year as new technology rolls out. Unfortunately in todays digitally connected world, there is no place to hide. Dns, nslookup, newsgroups, web site trawling, e-mail properties etc. Are just some of the many ways in which you can be found. In this research project, we designed and build an intrusion detection system (ids) that implements pre-defined algorithms for identifying the attacks over a network.

Based on: java/j2ee

Micro Controller based Burner Automation

The factory contains an ‘acid regeneration plant’, where spend acid is regenerated to hydro chloric acid, which is the desired output of the plant. For this regeneration of the acid a burner control system is required. The temperature range of the burner is between 9000c -12000c.the reactants required for regeneration plant are iron chloride and spend acid vapourises and breaks down into h2o and acid. Iron chloride also breaks down into iron oxide and chlorine.The chlorine reacts with the water to produce hydro chloric acid (hcl). Here the spend acid is regenerated for further use in the plant. After the splitting of the molecules at high temperature it is allowed to cool down at 1050c.the cooled gas is then allowed to pass through water. But h2o molecules get vaporized. The iron molecules in the substrates becomes solid and can be easily separated .the condition of the hcl acid does not change and get dissolves in water to form the spend acid again.

Application Remote Control Using Bluetooth (ARC)

The primary objective of the application arc is to manage the computer applications executing in the personal computer or laptop using a mobile phone. This mobile phone should be bluetooth enabled and the personal computer or laptop should have the bluetooth dongle or any other bluetooth hardware installed.

Based on: bluetooth

Hospital Administration System This software titled hospital administration system is aimed at achieving two ends. The first, helping the patients manages their records and a hospital manages its patients better. This project work was inspired by the immense inconvenience faced by patients, especially in government hospitals, who spend hours in long-winding queues meandering all along hospital corridors. To add to the misery, they are made to carry a long list of diagnostic reports, reference slips, test-request applications, prescriptions for medicines, account bills and so on. The most affected are the less educated majority and the poor who cannot maintain these documents in a systematic fashion. This often leads to loss of a few documents as test reports, which might mar vision into the pathological history of the patient and might even impede further treatment.Another major problem that affects the efficiency of treatment of patients and the management of the entire hospital is the time consumed in the manual processing of records, which are physical stationery. The realization that a software interface between the patient and the hospital, substituting those conventional and cumbersome datasheets would definitely lessen the time each patient has to spend at every point in his course through the departments of the hospital encouraged us to think of the second level of our project, that is, patient administration. The details are posted to the database in the form of “forms” which are simulations of various forms that might be found in a hospital to store data, as opd ticket, x-ray requisition forms etc. Each patient is given a unique “registration-number”. At a later stage, when it is required to access the medical history of the patient, the registration number is entered and based on that, the database is searched and his entire record scrolls before the user (the doctor). This fulfills first objective of acquitting the patients of the responsibility of keeping secure their own records.

Collusive   Piracy Prevention  in  P2P Content  Delivery Networks

Collusive piracy is the main source of intellectual property violations within the boundary of a p2p network. Paid clients (colluders) may illegally share copyrighted content files with unpaid clients (pirates). Such online piracy has hindered the use of open p2p networks for commercial content delivery. We propose a proactive content poisoning scheme to stop colluders and pirates from alleged copyright infringements in p2p file sharing. The basic idea is to detect pirates timely with identity-based signatures and timestamped tokens. The scheme stops collusive piracy without hurting legitimate p2p clients by targeting poisoning on detected violators, exclusively. We developed a new peer authorization protocol (pap) to distinguish pirates from legitimate clients. Detected pirates will receive poisoned chunks in their repeated attempts. Pirates are thus severely penalized with no chance to download successfully in tolerable time.  Based on: java/j2ee

Enterprise  Level System  Information Management

Elsim is based on client/server technology to support network administrators, so that the entire network can be managed at a single point along with effective gui. Elsim provides the administrator an extra hand to manage the clients. The elsim has a client part and a server part.

Micro Controller based Security System using Sonar

This project is based on the principle of radar. This project has got a sonar module mounted on a stepper motor . As the stepper motor rotates, sonar module sends out ultrasonic waves and scans the room. So, if this project is placed in the center of a room, it can scan the whole area and the range of scanning depends on the sonar module used. With a polaroid 6500 series sonar ranging module, the range is about 6″ to 35ft.This product is intended to be used for security alert systems in a room / area devoid of any movements.
Automatic Over Speed Detector The operation of “over speed detector” depends on the simple one-dimensional equation of motion, i.e. Speed= distance /time. It consists basically of a source – sensor couple and a hand held device. The source- sensor couple is placed on the road at a distance of 1m from each other.when the operator gets a visual indication that a vehicle is over speeding, he can initiate the device from as far as 100m.when the vehicle cuts the first laser beam, the sensor is set and the transition pulse is transferred to the hand held device.The device now starts counting from a fixed clock. When the vehicle cuts the second laser beam, the transition pulse is again transferred to the device, which stops the counting. What we have now obtained is the time taken for the vehicle to cover a distance of 1m. This count is then decoded to obtain the speed-reading. Once the speed-reading is obtained, the official can decided whether the vehicle is over speeding or not as per the rules and regulations pertaining to different road conditions.

Variable  Power Supply

A variable power supply technique for use with a high efficiency line driver uses a signal peak amplitude to determine a start of a rise time for a power supply to begin supplying operating voltage to the line driver. This ensures that the voltage supplied to the line driver essentially tracks the output signal.A slew start delay circuit detects when the signal rises above a level that can be supported by a current power supply, and determines a variable delay for switching on a power supply to supply a higher voltage to the line driver. The advantages include reduced power usage, less heat dissipation, and the ability to select a primary power supply that outputs a lower voltage.
Local PCO Meter This project is capable of barring std, isd and mobile calls. Further this project cuts the local calls after desired interval. Before disconnecting the system will given a beep sound which will enable the customer to continue after giving start pulse.
Honeypots A honeypot is a closely monitored network decoy serving several purposes: it can distract adversaries from more valuable machines on a network, provide early warning about new attack and exploitation trends, or allow in-depth examination of adversaries during and after exploitation of a honeypot.Deploying a physical honeypot is often time intensive and expensive as different operating systems require specialized hardware and every honeypot requires its own physical system. This paper presents honeyd, a framework for virtual honeypots that simulates virtual computer systems at the network level. The simulated computer systems appear to run on unallocated network addresses. To deceive network-fingerprinting tools, honeyd simulates the networking stack of different operating systems and can provide arbitrary routing topologies and services for an arbitrary number of virtual systems.

Device Controlling using TAPI

The project aims in developing an microcontroller based electronic relay operating system and a microsoft windows gui application which act as an interface between user and system and also act as an interface between telephone system and microcontroller.The system can be considered as a combination of hardware and software units.the microcontroller based electronic relay operating system plus the personal computer is the hardware unit. Microsoft windows gui application which uses the microsoft tapi functions is the software part. The users commands from the phone is handled by this tapi functions and the program communicates with microcontroller through a serial port to alter the device status according to users desire. The application also keeps a record of the status of devices in a database and it is updated after each operation. You can look at the gui application as a software layer that lies between the microcontroller and telephone system. It provides user an interface to add or remove new devices to the system.
Highway Alert Lamp The project that we have done here can be used for safe highway driving. The lamp automatically emits brilliant tri-colour light when a vehicle approaches the rear side of the vehicle. And turns off when the approaching vehicle overtakes. This ultra-bright blue yellow and redheads of the signal alert lamp emits very bright light to alert vehicle’s driver even during day time,giving additional safety during night or when we need to stop our vehicle on the side of the highway. The circuit saves considerable battery power. 12v dc supple to the circuit can be provided by the car battery with proper polarity.

Attendance Management using .Net

The project is to deal with automated attendance management using .net based application coupled with rfid and rf system. This system automates the attendance without any flaw, the application is developed using, this application interacts with rd-reader to get information to store in xml based database. This application acts perfectly between software and hardware, its prime job is to make the library management much easier and operating this application doesnt need any prior study. The present software can be used in small industries, in it departments, in medical college and it can be used in atms also. By using is software we can frequently seen a person is present and how many are present.Based on: .net
Online Examination The main aim of the proposed system is to overcome all the drawback of the existing system. The memory of the system is upgraded. In order to accomplish socket programming the status and configuration of the server side is increased. When we use the feature ‘web reference’ which is a main feature of .net we can easily access web service, it provides the facility of proxy. Also in this project the database used is sql server 2000 which is highly compatible windows.During evaluation and synthesis activity, the analyst create a model of the system to get a better understanding of data and control flow, functional processing, operational behaviour and information contents. The model serves as a foundation for the software design and basis for creation of specifications for software. At the core of the model is the data dictionary -a repository that contains description o1 data objects consumed or produced by the software.
Multi-Tab Browser The multi-tab browser is similar to internet explorer, internet explorer is commonly abbreviated to ie, it is a series of graphical web browsers developed by microsoft and included as part of the microsoft window line of operating systems, it has been most widely used web browser with many new features, introduced to help public to browse the internet in an easier and more exciting ways.  Based on: .net

Microcontroller Based Cellular Voting Machine

In this modern world people are forced to use electronic devices in their daily life. Now day’s electronic voting machines are used for election. Here we introduced a cellular voting machine based on micro controller.In this system there are two units, a master unit and a voting unit. The voting unit is placed anywhere and the master unit is placed in a control room. The voting unit contains a dtmf coyer, which generates a dtmf tone and is transmitted to the master unit through the fm transmitter. The master contains a fm receiver, dtmf decoder, micro controller and display units. The tone from the voting unit is received by the receiver and is decoded and specific functions are carried out by micro controller and then it is displayed.
Chat Server The package “chat server” using java and ms access aims at developing a new chat server that could be easy for users and which could teach a new user how to involve in fluent chat and get well equipped with chat server.the main goal of our package is communication. It allows all the registered users to establish good relations with all types of people involved in the internet. The users can develop their communication skills. It also helps in gathering information’s about different peoples. It also helps in understanding the culture of different peoples involved in the internetThe project titled “chat server” deals with mail communication with peoples involved in the internet searching the site and chatting.the main aim of the project has been to develop web enabled model software to computerize the life style of peoples. Our site named “chat server” generates environment for communication. Usually it is a long boring task of waiting in front of the computer searching for users who have entered the server.The entire package is developed by jdk 1.3.1, java swings, sockets and microsoft access for database users the whole package works in windows 98 or any platform using client server technology.

Design  and development  of Insurance Agents Samurai

The insurance agents samurai is the system meant for insurance agent that helps to automated most of the functionalities in the insurance policy related activities. This system should have the facility to enter the customer details who wants to take an insurance scheme. The system should be able to provide necessary illustrations and calculate the premium amount. This system should also provide the facility to show the specification of premium term as per the choice of premium value to be paid. If the customer decides to go for the selected insurance plan, the system should be able to generate the filled application form in ms word format.Based on: oracle stored procedures, asp/jsp, html, javascript/vbscript

Human  Resource Administration

This project was to develop intranet web pages for the human resources, personnel and administration departments of this firm. This had forms that enable the employees across the country to access all the information regarding the policies of employment like retirement promotion, pension, compensations, wage policies, fringe benefits schemes, etcBased on: .net

Development  of  an Employee Cubicle Management System

This project is aimed at tracking and having the view of the cubicle and the person sitting in it. Assuming there is already system that has the cubicle numbers and the telephone number data, at the same time this system will also need to take the floor plan as input and maintain the cubicle plan and the seat numbers. The floor plan input is needed to make system more robust and adaptable to the new buildings coming up.Based on: java, sql server, java applet, java swing
Sudoku The project “sudoku” game on student based pc provide flexibility and also to have abroader outlook a guest mode is to be implemented for infrequent or temporary accessories of the host’s computer since it is a student based version only a limited number access the we limit the number of users .the project consists sample numbers in the correct position and the player have to fill the remaining numbers in the correct order to win the game.the other features mentioned in sample,about statements.So the “sudoku” game is more easy as the ultimate aim should be developed. The project is object oriented the primary requirement is the use of store and manipulate the numbers. In order to satisy the infrequent users a guest mode is required with limited but necessary facilities.

Development   of   a Network  packet sniffer

In this project we are  developing a packet sniffer on http protocol. This sniffer should be able to monitor and save files transiting over network . This project should be scalable to support other protocols like ftp, pop3 etc. The practical purpose of the project is providing monitoring ability for the administrator of a network. This can be deployed in home pc by parents to monitor the internet access, also. This has to build over any interface provided by freely available libraries for capturing packets on tcp/ip.Baed on: unix, c++, tcp/ip, http
Educational Information Management System

Educational portal for students, parents, teachers and institutes to communicate in a complete knowledge based interactive environment. Important for students to know individual strengths and weaknesses through self assessment. Induces change in existing contents and methods of learning processes. Includes wireless features for anytime, anywhere communication.

Based on: java/j2ee

Development of a  practical Online Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

In this project we are developing an online help desk (ohd) for the facilities in the campus. This is an intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to automate the workflow of service requests for the various facilities in the campus. This is one integrated system that covers different kinds of facilities like class-rooms, labs, hostels, mess, canteen, gymnasium, computer center, faculty club etc. Registered users (students, faculty, lab-assistants and others) will be able to log in a request for service for any of the supported facilities. These requests will be sent to the concerned people, who are also valid users of the system, to get them resolved. There are features like email notifications/reminders, addition of a new facility to the system, report generators etc in this system.

Based on: ms-sql server, html, active server pages

Bug Tracking System The project entitled “bug tracking system” is an online bug tracking tool initiated with the objective to setup a user-friendly online bug tracking system. It can be used both for bug tracking and for project management. In this system the project manager can have full details of the work assigned to each team member. Moreover when a new work comes he can assign the work to different persons by having a view at the programmer with minimum work. This software assists to track the work flow of the work given to each team member by a project leader.Project usually comes to the company in the form of bugs. Usually, when certain enhancements of a product is being done i.e. When. Certain version updates a product is being done, work is assigned to different programmers in the form of bugs. This software is mainly focused on the work coming in the form of bugs. The project manager can fully understand what the status of each bug is whether it is fixed, assigned, or wont fix.

Development of a Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College (RASE)

In this project we are developing a repository for the alumni of the college, which is of importance to a college. The repository and search engine (RASE) is an internet based application that can be accessed throughout the world. Any  one can access the search engine to know about any alumni of that college but cant able to add. Alumni can only update the database when they are in the college.

Efficient  Coding Technique  for Aerospace Telecommand system

The project had two phases. The first phase consisted of design and implementation of an encoder for vehicle destruction commands, using the technique of convolutional encoding. The second phase was a detailed study of turbo coding , the recent addition to vast arena of coding techniques.The system being developed was a uniform combination of hardware, software and coding theory . The basic principle utilizes one of the important coding technique – the convolutional coding. It is implemented in fpga, which stands for field programmable gate array. The ic used here is actel 1280xl, which consists of about 8000 logic gates and memory elements. In order to program the ic , vhdl is used. The vhdl compiler used was altera maxplus ii. This system has the capability of generating convolutional codes with more than one rate .code rates of 2/3 and 2/5 are available which can be selected as desired.

Development of a user friendly, feature-rich, practical Appraisal Tracker

In this project we are developing an appraisal tracker that is of importance to either an organisation or a college. This appraisal tracker system is used to track the performance of  an individual. An individuals performance is rated by himself and his superior in the organization.

Based on: javascript , active server pages , html , dhtml,  oracle 8i

Advertisement Management System Technology has gained utmost importance in the social -economic advancement of mankind by introducing new product , process and tools for improving the quality of day a life . The face of technological ,which increased during the last centuary since the industrial revolution ,has become really fast in the second half of the twentieth centuary. Since development led to many inventions, but one of the greatest contribution and the advantages of having the reliable collection of data for decision making prompt as to turn the it for help and it can be highly stated that computers have become the second industrial revolution.Many calculations that were previously beyond contemplation have now become possible. .computers have helped automation of many industrial and business systems. Computer databases ,can stores data in different form from simple lines of text to complex data structures that include pictures, sounds or video images. Data management involves creating, modifying, deleting, and adding data to generate reports. The software that allows performing these functions is known as a database management system (dbms). Thus the dbms is a collection of data and program that help you to retrieve this data and perform operations on it.
Development of a Web Based Mail Client This project is about developing a web based mail client connecting to a linux server running a mail server and with tomcat as the web server.The project has the following main functionality

  1. Receiving/sending/organizing mails using pop3
  2. Sending mail using send mail
  3. Performing admin functions like managing new user, resetting passwords etc

Based on: linux,  my sql, jsp/servlets/html/css, apache tomcat, tcp/ip, pop3, jdbc

Document Management System The entire project has been divided into three modules

1)user or client user management includes adding/removing users, setting/modifying the access rights of users, setting the properties of the document management system etc. The system may also provide a guest user account. The administrator may define groups of users, which may have a common set of privileges. The administrator must be able to add/remove, setting/modifying the access rights of such groups. He should also be able to remove users from the system.

2)document document management includes adding new document categories, removing existing document categories, modifying access and other settings of existing document categories, download and upload of documents for read update operations etc. The system must be able to categorize the documents in an organized manner. All the documents should be stored in a centralized database and must be accessible from various locations. The system must ensure that when an authorized user is modifying a particular file, it should not he accessible to any others until it is completely updated and saved. I he system should provide for searching of documents based on keyword, documents names, category etc.. The system should provide a tree view listing of document categories. Each user can view only those document categories that are accessible to him. The system should maintain logs that keep track of the history of the files.

3)security Security module deals with the secrecy and protection of the desired documents. It consists of sub modules namely user module and category module.user module operates in two modes: administrator mode and user mode. The administrator may define groups of users, which may have a common set of privileges. The administrator must be able to add/remove, setting/modifying the access rights of such groups. The administrator must set read-only or read-write permissions for each document category for every individual user. User mode enables the user to create a new account on specifying the personal details. The forget password entry enables the user to retrieve his/her password by answering to a secret question correctly.

Development of a user friendly, feature-rich, practical Online Testing System (OTS)

In this project we are developing an online testing system (ots) that is of importance to either an organisation or a college . Online testing system is an intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organisation or a specified group/department. This system can be used to conduct tests on various topics. The system should be able to generate graphical results for better analysis.Based on: javascript , active server pages , html , dhtml,  oracle 8i

Digital Stopwatch

This digital stopwatch can count nine minutes and 59.9 seconds. The circuit consists of a 555 astable multivibrator. It generates 10 pulses in one second. We can enable or disable ic 555 by applying a high or low voltage to pin 4 of 555. This is done by ic 7476. 7476 is a jk flip-flop. Its j and k input are given high level. Therefore this flip-flop toggles at each trailing edge of the clock pulse. Here clock pulses are given by push-to-on switch s1.Ic 7490 counts the pulses of astable multivibrator. It counts upto 9 (1001). When the first counter reaches nine, second counter starts counting, because it gets a trailing edge when first display goes from 9 to 0. So it reaches one second. The third display begins its counting as the second display changes from 9 to 0. Then the display counts 10 seconds. When the count of the third display reaches 6, both input terminals of nand gate a of ic 7400 becomes high. So its output becomes low. This output appears as a trailing edge for the fourth display and it starts counting. Then output of the nand gate gets inverted. C now becomes high. This is applied to reset pin of 7490. Therefore all counters except 4 reset to 0. The display shows 1.000. I.e. 1 minute and 0 seconds. Ic 7447 is used to convert bcd to 7-segment form.
High Speed Data Transfer using Performance Adaptive UDP present a protocol that can maximally utilize the bandwidth of these private links through a novel performance-based system flow control. On high-speed, high-latency, congestion-free networks, a protocol should strive to accomplish two goals: to maximize good put by minimizing synchronous, latency-bound communication and to maximize the data rate according to the receiver’s capacity. Latency-bound communication is one of the primary problems of TCP due to the positive acknowledgment congestion window mechanism. When UDP is used in tandem with TCP, UDP packets can be sent asynchronously, allowing the synchronous TCP component to do its job without limiting the overall bandwidth.
Onlne Test Taking System[OTTS]
This project involves four types of users – Administrator, Principal, Teacher, student. The application will be an web interface.

  1. Students are allowed to take tests and view results.
  2. Teachers are allowed to dump questions and propose exams and can view their students results.
  3. Principal is allowed to approve exam dates proposed by teachers and view all students records class wise.
  4. Admin will classify students according to class and insert all the students records. He can add multiple schools if the application is made applicable across schools.

Based on: sql/oracle(any DB),  jsp/servlets/html/css, apache tomcat(you can use eclipse).

BECAN: A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication Scheme For Filtering Injected False Data In Wireless Sensor Networks

Injecting false data attack is a well known serious threat to wireless sensor network, for which an adversary reports bogus information to sink causing error decision at upper level and energy waste in en-route nodes. A novel bandwidth-efficient cooperative authentication (BECAN) scheme for filtering injected false data is proposed. Based on the random graph characteristics of sensor node deployment and the cooperative bit-compressed authentication technique, the proposed BECAN scheme can save energy by early detecting and filtering the majority of injected false data with minor extra overheads at the en-route nodes. In addition, only a very small fraction of injected false data needs to be checked by the sink, which thus largely reduces the burden of the sink.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System     : Windows Family
  • Language                    : JDK 1.6 or higher
  • Front End                   : Java Swing
  • IDE Used                    : Netbeans 6.0

Algorithm to be used

  • Sensor Node Initialization
  • CNR Based MAC Generation
  • CNR Based MAC Verification
  • Sink Verification
Project to check trustworthiness of websites
The world-wide web has become the most important information source for most of us. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the correctness of information on the web. Moreover, different web sites often provide conflicting in-formation on a subject, such as different specifications for the same product. In this paper we propose a new problem called Veracity that is conformity to truth, which studies how to find true facts from a large amount of conflicting information on many subjects that is provided by various web sites. We design a general framework for the Veracity problem, and invent an algorithm called Truth Finder, which utilizes the relationships between web sites and their information, i.e., a web site is trustworthy if it provides many pieces of true information, and a piece of information is likely to be true if it is provided by many trustworthy web sites. Our experiments show that Truth Finder successfully finds true facts among conflicting information, and identifies trustworthy web sites better than the popular search engines.

Software Specification

  • FRONT END                   : Java, J2ee (JSP, Servlet)
  • TOOL USED                    : Dream weaver 8
  • SERVER                           : Web logic 8.1
  • OPERATING SYSTEM  : Window’s Xp
  • BACK END                       : Sql Server 2000
Optimize Storage Placement in Sensor Networks

Data storage has become an important issue in sensor networks as a large amount of collected data need to be archived for future information retrieval. Storage nodes are introduced in this project to store the data collected from the sensors in their proximity. The storage nodes alleviate the heavy load of transmitting all data to a central place for archiving and reduce the communication cost induced by the network query. The objective of this project is to address the storage node placement problem aiming to minimize the total energy cost for gathering data to the storage nodes and replying queries. We examine deterministic placement of storage nodes and present optimal algorithms based on dynamic programming.
Packet-hiding methods for preventing selective jamming attacks

The open nature of the wireless medium leaves it vulnerable to intentional interference attacks, typically referred to as jamming. This intentional interference with wireless transmissions can be used as a launch pad for mounting Denial-of-Service attacks on wireless networks. Typically, jamming has been addressed under an external threat model. However, adversaries with internal knowledge of protocol specifications and network secrets can launch low-effort jamming attacks that are difficult to detect and counter. In this work, we address the problem of selective jamming attacks in wireless networks. In these attacks, the adversary is active only for a short period of time, selectively targeting messages of high importance. We illustrate the advantages of selective jamming in terms of network performance degradation and adversary effort by presenting two case studies; a selective attack on TCP and one on routing. We show that selective jamming attacks can be launched by performing real-time packet classification at the physical layer. To mitigate these attacks, we develop three schemes that prevent real-time packet classification by combining cryptographic primitives with physical-layer attributes. We analyze the security of our methods and evaluate their computational and communication overhead.
The three-tier security scheme in wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks

Mobile sinks (MSs) are vital in many wireless sensor network (WSN) applications for efficient data accumulation, localized sensor reprogramming, and for distinguishing and revoking compromised sensors. However, in sensor networks that make use of the existing key redistribution schemes for pair wise key establishment and authentication between sensor nodes and mobile sinks, the employment of mobile sinks for data collection elevates a new security challenge: in the basic probabilistic and q-composite key pre-distribution schemes, an attacker can easily obtain a large number of keys by capturing a small fraction of nodes, and hence, can gain control of the network by deploying a replicated mobile sink preloaded with some compromised keys. This article describes a three-tier general framework that permits the use of any pairwise key pre-distribution scheme as its basic component. The new framework requires two separate key pools, one for the mobile sink to access the network, and one for pairwise key establishment between the sensors. To further reduce the damages caused by stationary access node replication attacks, we have strengthened the authentication mechanism between the sensor and the stationary access node in the proposed framework. Through detailed analysis, we show that our security framework has higher network resilience to a mobile sink replication attack as compared to the polynomial pool-based scheme.
Correlation-based traffic analysis attacks on anonymity networks

In this project, we address attacks that exploit the timing behavior of TCP and other protocols and applications in low-latency anonymity networks. Mixes have been used in many anonymous communication systems and are supposed to provide countermeasures to defeat traffic analysis attacks. We focus on a particular class of traffic analysis attacks, flow correlation attacks, by which an adversary attempts to analyze the network traffic and correlate the traffic of a flow over an input link with that over an output link. Two classes of correlation methods are considered, namely time-domain methods and frequency-domain methods. Based on our threat model and known strategies in existing mix networks, we perform extensive experiments to analyze the performance of mixes. We find that all but a few batching strategies fail against flow-correlation attacks, allowing the adversary to either identify ingress and egress points of a flow or to reconstruct the path used by the flow. Counter intuitively, some batching strategies are actually detrimental against attacks. The empirical results provided in this paper give an indication to designers of Mix networks about appropriate configurations and mechanisms to be used to counter flow-correlation attacks.

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      To give a simple one: You can make a book catalogue application for a library, which will have number of categories. categorize the books and store the information in DB. You can maintain the dates of book borrowed and raise alerts after certain number of days.

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      Hi Sudha,

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      Some of my suggestions are Police work related(e-cop), library system, Issuing birth,driving licence certificates etc,
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      You can go for web application based projects like inventory management or automating some systems in your colleges or an interface for hotel management etc.

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      Hi Priyanka,

      It requires ICs like 555 timer, flip-flop etc. It’s a mini project for ECE and ECE people. If you are interested you an also do it with the help of lab in-charger.

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      I will give you few ideas.

      1.You can make a useful project for library system in your college, “catalog and search”. Just categorise books and develope search system for them and you can build some other functionality for it like If a student borrows a book, a notification(mail or text message) should be sent to him after 15 days or so.

      2. “Hotel Reservation System” – Generate some basic features like
      Guest reservation, Billing System, Change room, Multiple account per room, Guest report.

      3. “An Airline database” – Arrival and departure flights list with timings at particular airport.

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