How to generate Fibonacci numbers using Javascript

By | April 9, 2017

This program explains how to generate Fibonacci numbers using Javascript. The javascript is embedded in HTML code. You can refer to the input and output images attached.

Input: A number
Output: Fibonacci numbers series for the entered number



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code to generate Fibonacci numbers using Javascript



Output of Fibonacci numbers using Javascript

Output shows Fibonacci numbers series


How to execute this script?

  1. Copy the code to a text file and save it with a .html extension.
  2. Open this file in a web browser.
  3. You will be asked to enter a number and as a result, the corresponding Fibonacci series is displayed for that number.
  4. To check for another number, refresh the web page and enter a new number.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

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2 thoughts on “How to generate Fibonacci numbers using Javascript

  1. Manjunath

    This code is not working on my Crome and IE browser… Showing Errors as like below
    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 8 at column 17: AttValue: ” or ‘ expected
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    Program to generate the Fibonacci Series
    and the program is-


    Program to generate the Fibonacci Series

    var limit = prompt(“Enter the limit ‘n’ to generate the fibonacci series:”, ” “);
    var f1=0;
    var f2=1;
    document.write(“The limit entered to generate the fibonacci series is:”,limit, “”);
    document.write(“The fibonacci series :”);
    var i,f3;
    for(i=2; i<limit; i++)


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