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The Projects category in hosts project topics belonging to computer science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. In addition to this, you can also find projects built in Java and PHP, cool javascripts, small PHP snippets, project implementations etc.

Implementation of Hamming code

Implementation of Hamming code

Hamming code pattern is mainly used for detection of errors in bits. The main objective is, detection of single bit error, burst error and to correct by using the suitable methodology (by hamming distance concept).

Deletion of element in the Implementation of queue

Implementation of Queue

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This project explains the implementation of a QUEUE using a triangle as an element. The queue is a data structure which works on FIFO (First In First Out) technique. The triangles are inserted as elements by assigning color and side to each element(triangle). Triangles will be placed one above another by keeping first inserted triangle at the bottom and the successive elements on top of it. When Delete operation is selected using mouse button the triangle from the front end will be taken out first from the Queue.

Products page in secured weportal for online shopping

Secured webportal for online shopping

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A Web Portal is a type of Website. A Web Portal acts as a gateway to the internet. Web portals provide a single point of access to a variety of content and core services, and ideally offer a single sign-on point.