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Electronics and Electrical Engineering Project Topics

This post lists the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Project Topics. You can find a brief about each project and have idea about the project. Also get thousands of seminars/technical papers on this website.

Timed burglar alarm

In this circuit resets itself after a time that you select. It has normally open and normally closed triggers which make this circuit very practical. This alarm has normally open and normally closed triggers. It’s on a 555 timer so the alarm will reset it’s self after a certain amount of time. The time is adjustable with the variable resistor in the circuit. The alarm has a reset switch which you can replace with a key switch to make it more secure, and you can change the triggers to other types of door or window switched too. The alarm uses a relay which is connected to a siren but you can replace the siren with whatever you want. The circuit is running off 9volts but can range from 4v – 16v.

Voice controlled and activated wheel chair for physically challenged persons

This project is developed to provide a better solution for disabled and older people. People with disabilities in general, and wheelchair users in particular, are one of the groups of people that may benefit more from this intelligent electric wheel systems, enhancing their autonomy and quality of life. This technology provides the user with both enhanced freedom and reduced dependency on relatives and personal assistants. One prospective user group would be severely handicapped individuals who would otherwise find it difficult to steer a wheelchair.

Crystal radio This a very simple radio. Only five parts are here for the radio1)tuning capacitor2)1n34 germanium diode

3) loopstick antenna

4)crystal earphone

5)wire, board, wire for antenna, knob for capacitor

Simple fuse monitor alarm In this project, the circuit uses just two components, one resistor and an LED, the circuit provides visual indication of when a fuse has blown.
A low cost GSM based wireless home security system

GSM based wireless security system controls lighting, security, telecommunications, access and safety, information and entertainment systems and thermal comfort systems. Besides self monitoring and regulation the gsm based security system will also give auxiliary control to the user to enable him/her to control any application from a remote place. Such a facility would require a tool that extends access to home automation base station controller from his/her premises to anywhere the user might be. This is done through a mobile device making this system truly global.

Ultrasonic based path planning for the blind person

Electronic and computerized systems for helping visually impaired and blind people are well known in the art. This project describes an ultrasound based system which gives a proximity warning and is embodied in a cane. The cane is equipped with sensors to calculate the distance to nearby obstacles and guide the user away from potential collisions. The cane is pushed by the user ahead of him and it maneuvers itself around obstacles by means of two steerable wheels.

Sensor networks for industrial applications

A wireless smart sensor network platform targeted for monitoring and controlling industrial application is presented in this project. The generic smart sensor network platform with plug-and-play capability supports hardware interface, payload and communications needs of multiple temperature and gas sensors, using a rf link (zigbee) for communications, in a point-to-point topology. The design also provides means to update operating and monitoring parameters as well as sensor/rf link specific firmware modules over-the-air.

Automatic intelligent plant watering system using zigbee

The term irrigation is a method of providing water to in schedule through small-diameter tubes and emitters. It can be used on very steep, sandy, and rocky areas and for landscape plantings. The aim of this project is to deal with pipe to stepper motor device. Stepper motor device is an independence device it works with microcontroller. An electrically charged coil of insulated wire, which generates magnetic field within the coil

FM transmitter

The main components are microphone, antenna, 2n2222a NPN transistor. The range of the transmitter when running at 9v is about 300 feet. Running it from 12v increases the range to about 400 feet. This transmitter should not be used as a room or telephone bug.

Distributed control application within sensor networks

Today, industrial applications demand real time access to information for making intelligent decisions .current generation control and monitoring system are capable of sharing information over the networked and are being increasingly employed for real time decision support.these applications require stringent reliability and low latency, translating to specific design issues of the underlying system currently wired infrastructure is used for communication.

Lazer power supply Lazer works in high voltage supply. We can make high voltage out of 220/110 v ac. But prevention should be taken to avoid shoking hazards.
Graphical LCD based image display system

This project deals with color lcd interfacing nokia 6610 LCD with philips pcf 8833 driver is used here,lcd printouts and interface diagram with microcontroller is given here. It explains 9-bit SPI protocol with reset timing, details on colour interface of pixel and displaying a 256 color image also shown.

Zigbee based gas leak detection and data monitoring system

This project aims at protecting and avoiding gas leak. This protection device consist of a stepper motor that is attached to the LPG cylinder knob, which detects the gas leak and close on the LPG cylinder knob and stops the gas leak. At the same time, the device will switch on the exhaust fan to pull out the gas leakage and protecting from any dangerous fire accidents. This device will protect the person using the kitchen from indulging a fire accident as well as it does safety measure on gas leak automatically and safely.

A novel rear end collision accident avoidance distance measuring using ultrasonic technology

A rear-end collision & accident avoidance system for a target vehicle and an approaching vehicle comprising: a transmitter located on the approaching vehicle and directed at the target vehicle, transmitter generating a vehicle information signal comprising at least partially approaching vehicle related information; a indicator located on the target vehicle; and a receiver electrically coupled to indicator, receiver receiving vehicle information signal and generating a warning signal that is indicated via indicator to the approaching vehicle when vehicle information signal is above a predetermined magnitude.

Zigbee wireless vehicular identification and authentication system using pic micro

A vehicle emergency control system which remotely signals the unauthorized operation of a suitably-equipped vehicle, and which conditions the vehicle by remote control to be involuntarily retarded or stopped by an action of the unauthorized operator. Vehicles are equipped with a zigbee module which broadcasts an emergency condition message in response to an unauthorized or emergency situation.

Wireless path finder cum gas detection robot

A gas detection robot with path finder capable of accurately measuring particular components (odors or the like) contained in an ambient gas to be measured which is useful in industries to detect gas leakage and alarm sound at a time it will send data to operator in industries using rf transmitter the path finding ability of the this robot is that it will check the gas leakage in a certain path where there are gas pipes in industries.

Real time lane detection for autonomous vehicle ultrasonic sensor

Once our vehicle equipped with such sensor is able to detect stationary obstacles located on its path, the issue of avoiding those obstacles and continuing safely its navigation-based task naturally comes up. Historically, there are numerous obstacle avoidance methods adapted to a variety of sensors. Theoretically, we have methods based on avoiding obstacles accordingly to their shape, which demand great environment knowledge of the sensors

Zigbee based power monitoring system with direct load control capabilities

In this project, a novel zigbee-based powering monitoring system (pms) is proposed. In particular, the proposed pms utilizes zigbee for wireless communication, and web services for constructing the communication infrastructure among distributed systems across networks.

Infrared  remote control The transmitter circuit includes IR LED,  2n2222 npn silicon transistor,   2n2907 pnp silicon transistor
Car security using GSM

There are many systems available to prevent car theft. These range from the very simple, bonnet locks, steering wheel locks etc., to car alarms wheel locks and immobilizers. All these systems have one thing in common, they rely on something you have, a key or a remote key fob, or something you know, a pin code. Any person who comes in possession of the key, or the pin code can easily steal your car.

Rescue area monitoring

This project is developed for automating the emergency rescue surveillance, some disaster hit areas which are not reachable by human readily, so this system will be used on such criteria. This system has a inbuilt camera attached to a copter and rf-sender/receiver in-order to transmit the video of surveillance.

Smart banking security using  RFID This is a security system , where the person who is responsible of opening the bank locker for deposit and withdraw of money will have to swipe this card and RF system will transmit his information to the admin for allowing him to enter the locker gate. Once allowed he has to give correct userid and password for the gate to open.he initially uses his RFID for entry.
Implementation of a classic two stage opamp

Opamps with vastly different level of complexity are used to realize functions ranging from DC bias generation to high gain amplification, filtering or adcs. The design of opamp continues to pose a challenge as the supply voltage and transistor channel lengths scale down with each generation of cmos technology.

Device communication using uart protocol

This project deals with device, is an electronic or electromechanical machine or component from a transistor to a disk drive. The term device‚ always refers to hardware related any kind of machine or component that attaches to computer, never to software. However, a device driver‚ always refers to software. This application explains how to use a device by communicating with uart protocol, uart includes an explanation of the required electrical interface and uart configuration.

Ergonomic train ticket tag

Ticket reservation is often a tedious task in the past wasting time in the queue, though ticket is possible through internet, it needs time to register and receive ticket, and payment often vulnerable over internet on passing the credit card details, where it is always open to hacking of confidential data. In order to make a safe and easy way of ticket booking without carrying cash in hand for travel. The best way is ergonomic tag which bears the money needed for money that is fed as information in the chip provided in the tag. The user needs to use it wherever the ticket format is needed for travel.

Intelligent control system and manipulation

A system and method of controlling movement of magnetic material with at least first and second high temperature superconductors at spaced locations. A plurality of solenoids are associated with the superconductors to induce a persistent currents in preselected high temperature superconductors establishing a plurality of magnetic fields in response to pulsed currents introduced to one or more of the solenoids. Control mechanism in communication with said solenoids and/or said high temperature superconductors are used to demagnetize selected ones of the high temperature superconductors to reduce the magnetic fields substantially to zero.

Multiple utility smart tags

Login to the system is done user-id and password for so many years, and this need a change for proper and better usage of system, making attendance is done manually, which may contain fraudulent data to forbid this system rfid method of authentication is done. This system will be better for a company which has a network of system and software development needs a secure login. This system proves to be valid. This project aims at providing authentication to access a computer making attendance entry and many more using RFID technology, this is one the safest and advanced technology to access a computer safer than login id and password, which are subject to hack easily, or overridden this system ensures perfect safety in authorized access to the personal computer, as well as smart tag based attendance entry is the need of the hour.

Industrial process control and recording

The industrial process control and recording is the embedded software control for the industrial application to maintain and control all conditions of industrial machines and their proper processing with effective performance. Every industries have all type of machines and tools to perform varies process and control like motor operations and varies large or small machines operation are perform their work under specific environmental conditions like temperature, pressure, humidity and less or more voltage or current. So this process can be controlled through embedded controller on pc platform.


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