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A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a document that describes the nature of a project, software or application. In simple words, SRS document is a manual of a project provided it is prepared before you kick-start a project/application. This document is also known by the names SRS report, software document. A software document is primarily prepared for a project, software or any kind of application.

There are a set of guidelines to be followed while preparing the software requirement specification document. This includes the purpose, scope, functional and nonfunctional requirements, software and hardware requirements of the project. In addition to this, it also contains the information about environmental conditions required, safety and security requirements, software quality attributes of the project etc.

What is a Software Requirements Specification document?

A Software requirements specification document describes the intended purpose, requirements and nature of a software to be developed. It also includes the yield and cost of the software.

In this document, flight management project is used as an example to explain few points.

Table of Contents

Contents in Software Requirements Specification document

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The purpose of this document is to build an online system to manage flights and passengers to ease the flight management. <<Include the purpose as applicable to your project >>


This document uses the following conventions. <<Include the conventions as per your application >>

DB Database
DDB Distributed Database
ER Entity Relationship


This project is a prototype for the flight management system and it is restricted within the college premises. This has been implemented under the guidance of college professors. This project is useful for the flight management team and as well as to the passengers.


The purpose of the online flight management system is to ease flight management and to create a convenient and easy-to-use application for passengers, trying to buy airline tickets. The system is based on a relational database with its flight management and reservation functions. We will have a database server supporting hundreds of major cities around the world as well as thousands of flights by various airline companies. Above all, we hope to provide a comfortable user experience along with the best pricing available.




A distributed airline database system stores the following information.

  • Flight details:
    It includes the originating flight terminal and destination terminal, along with the stops in between, the number of seats booked/available seats between two destinations etc.
  • Customer description:
    It includes customer code, name, address and phone number. This information may be used for keeping the records of the customer for any emergency or for any other kind of information.
  • Reservation description:
    It includes customer details, code number, flight number, date of booking, date of travel.


The major features of airline database system as shown in below entity–relationship model (ER model)

layout of airline database system for software requirements specification document

The diagram shows the layout of airline database system – entity–relationship model


Users of the system should be able to retrieve flight information between two given cities with the given date/time of travel from the database. A route from city A to city B is a sequence of connecting flights from A to B such that: a) there are at most two connecting stops, excluding the starting city and destination city of the trip, b) the connecting time is between one to two hours. The system will support two types of user privileges, Customer, and Employee. Customers will have access to customer functions, and the employees will have access to both customer and flight management functions. The customer should be able to do the following functions:

  • Make a new reservation
    • One-way
    • Round-Trip
    • Multi-city
    • Flexible Date/time
    • Confirmation
  • Cancel an existing reservation
  • View his itinerary

The Employee should have following management functionalities:

    • Get all customers who have seats reserved on a given flight.
    • Get all flights for a given airport.
    • View flight schedule.
    • Get all flights whose arrival and departure times are on time/delayed.
    • Calculate total sales for a given flight.
    • Add/Delete a flight
    • Add a new airport
    • Update fare for flights.
    • Add a new flight leg instance.
    • Update departure/arrival times for flight leg instances.

Each flight has a limited number of available seats. There are a number of flights which depart from or arrive at different cities on different dates and time.


Operating environment for the airline management system is as listed below.  <<Include the details as per your application >>

  • distributed database
  • client/server system
  • Operating system: Windows.
  • database: sql+ database
  • platform: 


  1. The global schema, fragmentation schema, and allocation schema.
  2. SQL commands for above queries/applications
  3. How the response for application 1 and 2 will be generated. Assuming these are global queries. Explain how various fragments will be combined to do so.
  4. Implement the database at least using a centralized database management system.


Let us assume that this is a distributed airline management system and it is used in the following application:

  • A request for booking/cancellation of a flight from any source to any destination, giving connected flights in case no direct flight between the specified Source-Destination pair exist.
  • Calculation of high fliers (most frequent fliers) and calculating appropriate reward points for these fliers.

Assuming both the transactions are single transactions, we have designed a distributed database that is geographically dispersed at four cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkatta as shown in fig. below.



The airline reservation system maintains information on flights, classes of seats, personal preferences, prices, and bookings. Of course, this project has a high priority because it is very difficult to travel across countries without prior reservations.

    • Search for Airline Flights for two Travel cities
    • Displays a detailed list of available flights and make a “Reservation” or Book a ticket on a particular flight.
    • Cancel an existing Reservation.

Other system features include:


Distributed database implies that a single application should be able to operate transparently on data that is spread across a variety of different databases and connected by a communication network as shown in below figure.

Distributed database located in four different cities

Distributed database located in four different cities


The term client/server refers primarily to an architecture or logical division of responsibilities, the client is the application (also known as the front-end), and the server is the DBMS (also known as the back-end).

A client/server system is a distributed system in which,

  • Some sites are client sites and others are server sites.
  • All the data resides at the server sites.
  • All applications execute at the client sites.



  • Front-end software: version
  • Back-end software: SQL+


  • Windows.
  • A browser which supports CGI, HTML & Javascript.


Following are the software used for the flight management online application. <<Include the software details as per your project >>

Software used Description
Operating system We have chosen Windows operating system for its best support and user-friendliness.
Database To save the flight records, passengers records we have chosen SQL+ database.
VB.Net To implement the project we have chosen Vb.Net language for its more interactive support.


This project supports all types of web browsers. We are using simple electronic forms for the reservation forms, ticket booking etc.



The steps involved to perform the implementation of airline database are as listed below.


The E-R Diagram constitutes a technique for representing the logical structure of a database in a pictorial manner. This analysis is then used to organize data as a relation, normalizing relation and finally obtaining a relation database.

  • ENTITIES: Which specify distinct real-world items in an application.
  • PROPERTIES/ATTRIBUTES: Which specify properties of an entity and relationships.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Which connect entities and represent meaningful dependencies between them.
The diagram shows the ER diagram of airline database

the diagram shows the ER diagram of airline database


The basic objective of normalization is to reduce redundancy which means that information is to be stored only once. Storing information several times leads to wastage of storage space and increase in the total size of the data stored.

If a database is not properly designed it can give rise to modification anomalies. Modification anomalies arise when data is added to, changed or deleted from a database table. Similarly, in traditional databases as well as improperly designed relational databases, data redundancy can be a problem. These can be eliminated by normalizing a database.

Normalization is the process of breaking down a table into smaller tables. So that each table deals with a single theme. There are three different kinds of modifications of anomalies and formulated the first, second and third normal forms (3NF) is considered sufficient for most practical purposes. It should be considered only after a thorough analysis and complete understanding of its implications.


If there is extensive damage to a wide portion of the database due to catastrophic failure, such as a disk crash, the recovery method restores a past copy of the database that was backed up to archival storage (typically tape) and reconstructs a more current state by reapplying or redoing the operations of committed transactions from the backed up log, up to the time of failure.


Security systems need database storage just like many other applications. However, the special requirements of the security market mean that vendors must choose their database partner carefully.


  • AVAILABILITY: The flight should be available on the specified date and specified time as many customers are doing advance reservations.
  • CORRECTNESS: The flight should reach start from correct start terminal and should reach the correct destination.
  • MAINTAINABILITY: The administrators and flight in chargers should maintain correct schedules of flights.
  • USABILITY: The flight schedules should satisfy a maximum number of customers needs.


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      HLD document would contain system architecture and database design.
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      These two are generally part of a design document.

      Usually, the entire project is depicted using a single Class diagram/UML. It connects each system involved in the project. An example is available in the article.

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      The final SRS Report can contain all of the above.
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      functional requirements: A functional requirement describes what a software system should do, the way it functions. E.g. Flight starts from one point and reaches the second point.
      non-functional requirements: non-functional requirements deals with operations and constraints on how the system will do so. E.g. It could be a flight delay, overlap, application hack, latency, efficiency etc.
      Non-functional requirements are not straight forward requirement of the system rather it is related to usability.

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      1.5 References – sources from where you gathered the information

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      Let me find an example for you.

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      Entity Relationship diagram describes the relationships between instances and entity types. It is primarily used for database structures.
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      You can get more details online.

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          Hi Kate,

          This document is application for big projects.

          For small projects you can cut down few points. You can refer to following contents.

          1. Introduction

          1.1 Purpose
          1.2 Document Conventions
          1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
          1.4 Project Scope
          1.5 References
          2. Overall Description

          2.1 Product Perspective
          2.2 Operating Environment
          2.3 Design and Implementation Constraints
          2.4 Assumptions and Dependencies

          3. System Features

          4. External Interface Requirements

          4.1 User Interfaces
          4.2 Hardware Interfaces
          4.3 Software Interfaces

          5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

          5.1 Performance Requirements
          5.2 Safety Requirements
          5.3 Security Requirements

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          Good question Aarati.

          Non functional requirements mainly deal with non coding part of the project.
          Non functional requirements concentrate on how a application should work rather than what your application should does (functional requirements).
          So non functional requirements includes performance of the the project, availability of the the project, security, compliance, documentation, deployment etc.

          An example would be – high level design like overall architectural view of your application.

          Let me know if you have further questions.

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          So for SRS document, you will have to prepare usecases that defines all the operations/failities available in your app.

          The software and hardware requirements are quite clear here.

          Draw a class diagram based on the operations present in your app.

          Other details include the explanation in few lines about your app.

          Good Luck..!

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      You need to prepare SRS document based on your project. SRS document would explain the requirements and technology used and provide the highlights of your project.

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      Hi Dipam,

      For ER diagram, following types of connectors exist
      1. a double line indicates a participation constraint, totality or surjectivity all entities in the entity set must participate in at least one relationship in the relationship set; arrow from entity set to relationship set indicates a key constraint, i.e. injectivity: each entity of the entity set can participate in at most one relationship in the relationship set;
      3.a thick line indicates both, i.e. bijectivity: each entity in the entity set is involved in exactly one relationship. underlined name of an attribute indicates that it is a key: two different entities or relationships with this attribute always have different values for this attribute.

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      Swathi, UML diagrams and functional requirements should be prepared based on your project.

      “”A Software requirements specification document basically describes the intended purpose and environment for software/application under development. It completely describes the yield, cost, nature of the software/application.””

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      SRS document should be prepared based on your project and requirements. Without this knowledge it would be difficult for me to guide you.

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      You can contact me if you come across any difficulties.

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    so please help me out…!!!

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    sir i want a full described srs of ticket booking and schedule plan for odi cricket match series…
    so please kindly help me out..!!

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    plz send me srs diagram of university site and also designing of university website in dreamviewer as soon as posible

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    please send me the ER diagrams for an IT company.
    along with use case and sequence diagram.

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    Please suggest me how to write SRS, SDD, Testplan and Testcase

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    for project
    my project topic is for this website (

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    plz keep on updating with more stuffs………

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    I’m looking for someone to prepare SRS document for about 12 application software, proposed to be developed.

    Send out your interest to me


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    can u provide the product perspective for my project which handles the online books website

  78. blankdeepti jain


    1. blankadmin Post author

      For “Time table of college” project what all you can need ??
      List hardware and software requirements, programming language which you are going to use, Database query language etc.
      Don’t think that your project must include all the factors mentioned in the above post. Some of them may not be applicable to all kind of projects.

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