New Trends in Research and Technology

Anti-HIV Treatment using Nanorobots

The size of nanorobots is about 100 times lesser than the size of an animal cell and hence it can easily monitor the behavior of cell inside the body of an HIV affected person. Nanorobots use nanosensors to sense the AIDS infected WBCs and convert them back into original WBCs.

Apache Hadoop – Introduction

Hadoop is an open source framework by Apache Software Foundation and known for writing and running distributed applications that process large amounts of data. It is well suited for voluminous data processing like searching and indexing in the huge data set. It is simple, scalable, robust, accessible.

The Electronic Nose

The Electronic Nose (or e-nose) is a relatively new device that not only helps in sensing the various odors of chemicals, environmental hazard substances, vapors but also in process monitoring, safety control, and quality control.

Wearable Biosensors

Wearable Bio-Sensors (WBS) will permit continuous cardiovascular (CV) monitoring in a number of novels settings. WBS could play an important role in the wireless surveillance of people during hazardous operations (military, firefighting, etc) or such sensors could be dispensed during a mass civilian casualty occurrence. They typically rely on wireless, miniature sensors enclosed in ring or a shirt. They take advantage of handheld units to temporarily store physiological data and then periodically upload that data to a database server via wireless LAN or a Cradle that allow internet connection and used for clinical diagnosis.