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What is Home Automation and How Does It Work?

Who doesn’t want a personal assistant? Someone who can take care of all your home-related things, so when you come back from home, you just get the time to relax and not worry about all these little things. If you already have Alexa, you’ll know how simple your life is. Exhausted from a busy day at the office and can’t even feel your legs? Just ask Alexa to switch off the lights and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

This is just a small example. Imagine living in a house that takes care of all the internal functions. You wake up in the morning and the lights switch on themselves, you step into the kitchen and the coffee machine starts making coffee for you without you giving it any command, you feel a little cold and the temperature sensors immediately turn on the heating effect.

This all seems like a dream but if you are very passionate and seeking to make your life more convenient and simplified well, trust us when we say that home automation can help actualize this dream. This is why we believe it is important for you to keep reading this article and learn more about home automation.

Before dwelling deep into this topic, let us stress an important measure you need to take to fully benefit from artificial intelligence. Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection like the one provided to subscribers of Wave Broadband. We are saying this because the functioning of many home automation devices is supplemented by the internet.

Now that we have made our point about the internet, let us begin by discussing the basics of home automation. So sit back, relax and keep reading.

What exactly is home automation?

The autonomous management of your home’s technological gadgets is known as home automation. These gadgets essentially are connected to an Internet connection as we have discussed above, which can be managed remotely, thus eliminating the need of being physically present. With home automation, gadgets can be controlled by an app or a virtual assistant and can essentially be activated automatically.

For instance, you have the option to set your air conditioner to start around fifteen minutes before you go to bed or program your lights to switch off immediately as you get into bed. Hence, home automation brings convenience into your life and can help you save energy costs for heating, cooling, and lighting. In addition to this, it can also enhance your security levels with the Internet of things gadgets like cameras as well as security systems.

How is the Internet of Things Linked with Home Automation?

The term ‘Internet of Things’, refers to any Internet-connected equipment that isn’t typically connected; an example would be a smart bulb that you can essentially control using an app. IoT devices, which include all home automation equipment, can be programmed to activate one another. In simpler words, IoT includes all the devices whereas home automation refers to how you can operate those devices in order to slightly ease your life.

Home Automation Innovations

Home Automation credits:pixabay

Up until quite recently, only bigger commercial structures and affluent houses had automated central control of essentially all the systems throughout the building. Building automation, which often just comprises heating and cooling systems rarely offered more complex management, monitoring, and scheduling features and was just approachable from certain control locations within the building.

The Internet of Things, where every single thing has an allocated IP address and can be controlled and accessed from a distance, is a step toward the state of the art home automation. The earliest and most evident beneficiaries of this strategy are the popular smart appliances and devices that make use of Ethernet or Wi-Fi in order to be linked to a local area network.

Nevertheless, businesses have also looked at the prospects of IP-based inventory management, as well as the integration of electrical systems and even specific points, such as light sockets and other electrical outlets, into home automation networks. Although it will be a while before you can utilize your mobile browser to find a misplaced sock, home networks have become more capable of supporting more hardware.

Now that we have discussed the basics of home automation and its connection with the internet of things, let us move forward and discuss the two main levels of home automation.

  1. Automation

As is quite obvious, automation is a significant component of home automation. What do we mean by this term? In simpler words, automation refers to the ability to plan and organize events for the gadgets on the network.

The programming and planning would include time-sensitive orders, like having the option of switching your lights on as well as off at certain times of the day. Moreover, it can comprise other non-programmed events like switching on all the lightbulbs installed in your house as soon as your security alarm is set off.

We know this entire explanation might seem complex to you and intimidate you. But hey hang on, there is nothing to worry about. As soon as you begin to comprehend the prospects of home automation programming, you can easily come up with countless practical as well as innovative solutions to enhance your life further.

2. Control

The second most important attribute of home automation is remote tracking as well as access also known as the remote control. Yes, we agree that a certain level of one-way remote controlling has been in practice for quite some time, however, after the advent of smartphones and other state-of-the-art technology, the actual amount of control has come in place.

Now we possess the ability to stay connected to our smart home networks while we are away from home and on the go. With the aid of the proper home automation system, you can easily make use of all your internet-linked gadgets in order to carefully analyze and monitor the entire system itself and any linked devices.

In addition to this, controlling applications can bless you with a plethora of information regarding your home. You can effectively monitor the status of your security system. By doing this you will be able to control the functioning of your lights, doors, temperature sensors, etc.

Final words

Every day we wake up to the news of a new advancement in technology. The world we are living in is rapidly evolving and so keeping up with its pace has become extremely crucial for us humans. Home automation in particular has become extremely popular over the years and if we want to introduce efficiency and effectiveness in our lives, we need to research this new technology and start incorporating it into our daily lives. We have done a little research for you in this article. Just learn about the basics and start befriending this technology. Good luck!

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