Working of Search Engines

What is a People Search Engine? Benefits and Fun Facts

Have you ever wished to find someone’s contact information without asking them directly? Or you’ve wanted to learn more about a person before agreeing to meet them. You aren’t alone.  Today, many people desire to know more about someone so they don’t have to wait for them to come over and introduce themselves. With People …

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How does the Internet work?

How does the Internet work? An interesting question that may pop out in everybody’s mind! I am here to give some relief to your brain on what is internet and how the internet works.

Introduction to Search Engines

Search Engines send Robots or Spiders to crawl the Fresh web content, which sends back links based on keywords to the search engines. Search Engines analyze these links and display results based on PageRank.

Semantic Web

The web today enables people to access documents and services on the Internet but today’s methods require human intelligence. The semantic web augments the current web with formalized knowledge and well-formatted data that can be processed by computers. The semantic web is a vision of information that is understandable by computers, so that they can perform more of the tedious …

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