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5 Ways Technology is Changing the World of Marketing

The marketing industry is continually evolving with new strategies and technologies catalyzing growth. To understand how big and beneficial the marketing world is, you must involve yourself in its operations. Every business and organization needs marketing to stay up the growth and progression ladder. Different marketing technologies and strategies work for other companies and organizations. However, there are unique marketing technologies relevant in every sector. Below are the five key ways technology is Changing the World of Marketing and fueling the advancement of the marketing industry.

1. Social Media is Enhancing Connectivity and Business Growth

Social media marketing comes second among the world’s most comprehensive digital marketing technologies. In 2021, social media ads accounted for $153 billion in revenues. The projected revenue volume by 2026 is slightly higher than $252 billion. Social media allows consumers to connect with their favorite brands and make informed purchase decisions. Clients can stay in touch with the latest news and product releases through social media.

Through social media, brands and businesses connect with over 4.48 billion people worldwide. With dozens of time-tested social channels, brands can create customized sales and marketing campaigns to target their clients. Marketing and sales teams can tap from the massive amounts of data available. They can analyze customer buying trends to get insights into what their clients in different geo-locations want.

Social media creates a seamless way for businesses to interact with prospective and existing clients. In other words, social media as technology unearths potentials that companies wouldn’t have discovered through other marketing technologies. It’s easing the burden of time and costs associated with famous marketing strategies.

2. More Creative Job Positions have Emerged

Modern technology has opened new doors for marketing specialists. In old-age marketing, opportunities got reserved for the selected few. With the advance of contemporary marketing technologies, pools of opportunities for talented candidates have emerged. Anyone with the enthusiasm and skills to venture into current marketing has a chance. Hundreds of brands and businesses emerge daily, creating thousands of marketing opportunities.

The opportunities available span from digital brand managers, e-commerce marketing directors, chief experience officers, and digital strategies. More creative options include but are not limited to social media marketers, brand ambassadorship, and influencers. Social media and other technologies have enabled people to showcase their talents to the world. You can decide to become an influencer on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You can choose to become a product reviewer on YouTube or start your blog. Opportunities for willing individuals in the marketing world are almost limitless.

3. SMS Marketing has Become Bigger and Better

SMS marketing has become a norm in this age of smartphones. Over 3.8 billion people globally own a smartphone, meaning brands and companies have a broader client base to explore. As per recent studies, more than 60% of SMS receivers open them within one to five minutes. Millions of people redeem shared mobile phone coupons. With the increased SMS audience, marketers have a broader client base to try their luck.

That’s one of the reasons SMS short code marketing has become the go-to marketing option for businesses and brands. Shortcodes comprise 5 to 6 digital numbers companies use to share marketing SMS messages with their clients. The use of short code SMS marketing has become quite popular in recent years. SMS messages are vivid and easy to understand. They tell the client exactly what they intend to achieve. That way, the target client can decide whether to make a decision or not.

4. Artificial Intelligence advances Customer Experiences

Outstanding customer experiences are the goal every business intends to achieve. Companies are ever-ready to create experiences clients will memorize for years. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence is easing how businesses serve and interact with clients. These technologies offer seamless platforms for sales and marketing teams to connect and interact with target clients. Al technologies abridge the time wasted to answer client queries every day. The rise of chatbots and digital assistants has lessened the burden on sales and marketing teams.

Artificial intelligence tools and technologies make it easier for businesses to personalize product advertising and recommendations. For instance, brands can create high-quality video reviews of their products and services and share them on their blogs and social media platforms. These videos bring clients closer to the brand, increasing brand engagement and ROIs. Companies can also organize live video shows and webinars, thanks to the advanced technologies. This way, you can tell your clients what you offer and how it suits your best interests.

5. Content Continues to Become Better and More Personalized

Today, the total number of websites actively running worldwide exceeds the 1.7 billion mark. Similarly, the number of blogs actively operating exceeds the 600 million mark. Recent stats have shown the world has over 51 million active and content-generating YouTube channels. These are only a fraction of the content-generating platforms around the globe needing quality content every day. Over the years, more talented and competent content providers have been joining the industry. That has spruced up online content marketing, enabling superior content generation.

To supplement the growing need for content, tech-savvy specialists have developed AL-powered platforms that generate content. Now, you don’t have to spend hours writing content from scratch. You can create a 1000-word article in minutes with intelligent and AL-powered content creation software. Similarly, audio transcription platforms make it easier to turn voice content into text content. All these powerful tools are transforming the content generation processes.

Advanced technology is paving the way for the growth of every business and sector. One of the industries that have reaped massively from advanced technology is marketing and advertising. The sector of selling products and services to clients by attracting and winning their attention has benefited widely. The technologies and platforms invented daily are massive, and the value these technologies have on the target audience is substantial. To understand how technology has changed the marketing industry, look at the five outlined ways above. If you’re a marketer, do not forget to settle for marketing technologies that complement your business needs and goals.

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