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7 Benefits Of Email Trackers Every Parent Should Know

Email tracking refers to the practice of monitoring and recording the activity of emails. It lets you see the recipient’s email box vividly from spam mail, viewing senders’ addresses to many other features. Email tracking is becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to monitor their kids’ email communications. Sometimes, it threatens privacy and security as hackers can use email tracking technology to access sensitive information. As such, it’s vital to be cautious using email trackers from reputable, secure services. For parents, it is a must to have an ema­­­­­il tracker to understand the emails on their child’s account. You can reap the benefits of email tracking with a reputable app that is sensitive to your needs and doesn’t threaten your privacy. 

7 Benefits of Email Trackers for Kids

Email trackers for kids can help monitor their online activities, ensure safe communication, and teach responsible use of technology. The following will exhibit more on the benefits of email trackers for kids. 

1. Easily Track Spam Emails

Email trackers can help parents protect their kids from online dangers by easily tracking spam emails. With these tools, parents can filter out unwanted emails and ensure their kids only receive safe and appropriate emails. This feature can give parents peace of mind, knowing their kids’ protection from cyber threats.

2. Track All Sent And Received Mail

The advantage of an email tracker is that parents can monitor all the emails their kids send and receive. This feature provides a complete overview of email activities, including each email’s time, date, and sender/recipient. This information is for parents who want to ensure their kids communicate with the right people and do not engage in suspicious or dangerous online activities.


3. View Email Addresses For The Sender and Receiver

An email tracker also allows parents to view the email addresses of both the sender and the recipient. This information can be valuable in ensuring their kids communicate with people they know and trust. For instance, if a parent notices an email from an unfamiliar address, they can take steps to verify the source and ensure their kids’ safety online. 


4. Set An Unlimited Number Of Safe/Unsafe Areas

With email tracking, parents can set up an unlimited number of safe and unsafe areas for their kids. For example, they can block their kids from accessing certain types of emails, such as those that contain explicit content, while allowing them to receive emails from trusted sources. This feature protects kids and gives parents more control over online experiences. In addition, this feature can also help parents set boundaries and encourage responsible email behavior in their kids.

5. Get Email Alerts Each Time They Enter/Leave Geofences

A reputable email tracker for kids can send email alerts to parents each time their kids enter or leave a designated “geofence.” A geofence is a virtual boundary around a specific location, such as a school or home. When kids cross the border, parents receive an alert, allowing them to keep track of their movements and ensure their safety. 

Benefits of Email Trackers - Get email alerts regulalry

6. Check The Date And Time Stamp Of Geofence Location Areas

The advantage of an email tracker is that it allows parents to check the date and time stamp of when their kids enter or leave a geofenced area. This information can provide a detailed history of their movements and activities. For instance, if a parent wants to confirm that their kids arrived at school on time or if they left school at the expected time, they can use this feature to check the time stamp of when their kids entered or left the school geofence. This information can provide valuable insights into their routines and help parents make informed decisions to ensure their safety and well-being.

7. View History And Get All The Area Details On Email

With an email tracker, parents can view a complete history of their kids’ email activities, geofence entries, and exits. This information is organized and stored in an easy-to-access manner, allowing parents to quickly find the information they need. For example, if a parent wants to check on their kids’ email communication over the past week, they can view the history and see all the emails their kids have sent and received, including the time and date, sender/recipient email addresses, and any geofence alerts. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of their kids’ online activities and helps parents stay informed and involved in their digital lives.

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How To Use A Parental Control App for Mail Tracking?

As a parent, ensuring your child’s safe and responsible use of technology is crucial. One tool that can help in this effort is the TiSPY parental control app. It enhances email tracking and promotes safe internet browsing for kids.

To Conclude

In conclusion, email trackers for kids can be a valuable tool for parents in today’s digital world. By tracking mail on android, parents can ensure their children’s online safety, monitor their online activities and communication, and teach them responsible use of technology. Parents must educate their children about online security and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the digital landscape. Another useful article to protect kids from the internet is – What is the Dark Web? How to Protect Your Kids from the Dark Web?

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