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Here Are 7 Ed-Tech Tools to Write Efficiently

Writing on any topic, as a student or beginner, is more difficult than in the past. The reason is a student has to look after different factors to make his work effective and reliable. Are you facing the same problem and want to write efficiently? Do you wish someone to suggest corrections in your article?

Don’t worry because we have got your back and are here to help you in this regard. As we know technology has impacted every field of life including Education. That is why it has become compulsory to use some Ed-Tech tools that can help you in improving your writing skills. 

Let us show you some of the best tools that can help you in improving your writing skills. 

7 Ed-Tech Tools for Writers 

1.     Summarizing Tool 

Do you know what is the hardest process during the write-up? It is the research process that you should do before writing on any particular topic. For a student, it is compulsory to have a deep and complete understanding of the topic to write on it without fluff text. 

This process takes a lot of hard work and much time because you have to read the entire blog for better understanding. Technology has resolved this problem and enables students to get an understanding of a long blog within a few seconds. 

A summarizer is a tool that can help you in this regard. This tool has been designed with an AI-based algorithm that can understand the entire text and display its core concept on your screen. 


The process of creating a summary will not take more than a few seconds. In this way, you can read that summary generated by a summarizer and complete the work of hours in a few minutes. 

As a result, you can get an idea about different papers or blogs in a short time. If we say that it is the best tool for saving time and understanding more about the topic, it will be right. 

2.     Article Rewriter 

For a student, it is compulsory to submit unique assignments and papers to their professors. Without being unique and sending the plagiarized file, you will not be able to get good marks. 

The reason is plagiarism is considered a particular type of stealing in which you are getting someone’s content and displaying it as yours. In this regard, you can use an article rewriter that will help you to reword the sentences to make them unique. is one of the best tools to adopt in this regard. This tool has been designed with a unique interface and working method. It will change the entire sentences that you have inserted in this tool. 


This tool will not change the meanings of the context but just rewrite the sentences in a different way. In simple words, the core meanings of your text before and after rewriting will remain the same. 

If you have a short deadline to meet for the submission of your assignment, you should give this tool a try. It will help you in rewriting the original content and submitting it without being caught plagiarizing. 

3.     Paraphrasing Tool 

Sometimes, students want to rewrite the original content manually to make it unique and sharpen their writing skills. But still, you may be getting a few words in the copied section. 

You must be thinking about what to do in this regard. The best pick is to get the paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo that enables you to replace those words with their synonyms. 

This tool will not rewrite entire sentences or change their structures. But it will just replace the words from the original lines and highlight them in the Paraphrased Text box. 

You can easily have a look at what this tool has changed. Because of its word-changing feature, you can also learn from this tool. For instance, it will enable you to learn multiple words for the same task or action when you will compare the original and new words. 

Additionally, you can get more suggested words or synonyms of that word by clicking on the replaced term. All in all, it is the best tool to learn synonyms, antonyms, and related phrases to the original words. 


Along with this, Prepostseo is offering more than 200 tools that enable you to access different tools in a single platform. You can also use its Plagiarism Checker to make sure that your work is unique. 

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4.     Grammar Gorillas

Grammar is one of those basic learning chapters that you should have to be proficient at any cost. Doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student or an undergraduate, you should have to be good at grammar. 

No doubt, it is not possible to write without errors on the first attempt. But you can minimize the errors by paying a little focus and using your knowledge.

Grammar Gorillas is a fun platform or tool that can help you in learning grammar basics. It will help you to enjoy as well as learn different parts of speech, extend your vocabulary, and understand different grammar rules. 

You only have to sign up with this tool and start learning by making fun alongside. It will be pretty enjoyable to learn basics and make fun at the same time. In this way, students will not get bored and keep learning for a long time as compared to traditional methods. 

5.     WriteToLearn 

If you feel like you are an ordinary student and can be a proficient student, you should need to use WriteToLearn. It is a free tool that will help you with different learning chapters to get proficient in your writing. 

This tool will allow students to learn through writing tests and reading tasks. In this way, you will be able to get to know how to read properly instead of following a traditional ascent. 

In addition to this, it includes chapters related to vocabulary that can help you in extending your vocabulary and implement your knowledge in your writing. 

The best feature of this tool is its real-time analysis or reporting. This tool will show you the results of your practice quickly just after you end up the session. In short, it is the best tool to use for learning and analysis of your writing skills. 

6.     SweetSearch

Finding a reliable source to search for data is not an easy task, especially for students. The reason is students can’t adopt data from general blogs as it will not be acceptable. 

SweetSearch is a search engine that includes billions of books and reliable sources to get data. From this search engine, you can get data related to any topic and use it in your assignment or paper whatever you want to write. 

Doesn’t matter whether you are a student of history or any other subject, you can find books and authentic sites related to your subject in this search engine. In short, it is one of the safest and most reliable tools to do data research for your academic work. 

The best feature of this search engine is that it will not show you ads or unwanted videos. In this way, you will not get distracted from your work and keep working smoothly unless you have completed your work. 

7.     Bibme

Being a student, you must have experienced the citation process while writing a paper. It is not an easy task to cite every source one by one and follow different styles in different assignments. 

Additionally, it will take a lot of time to accomplish this task. With the help of Bibme, you can easily cite sources from where you have taken the data. You don’t need to learn citation styles from different platforms. 

This tool has made it simple for everyone to cite the sources and add references. The designers have set all the instructions in this tool. You only have to choose your desired citation method and enter the links properly one by one as per instructed by the tool. 

It will automatically generate citations to your work and put them where you have inserted them in the concerned style. In simple words, you should not need to learn MLA or APA citation methods. 

Final Words 

We have researched a lot and found the abovementioned 7 educational tools the best for writers. Whether you are a tech geek or just an ordinary student, you should use these tools. 

You will be able to get proficiency in your writing as well as boost the process. Moreover, it will be easy for you to fuse any of these tools as all of them have a simple interface. 

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