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10 Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System

A listicle outlining the positives that come with the use of an electronic management system.

Many responsible companies will encourage their customers to go paperless. This can take the form of suggesting that they conduct business through an online portal, or switching to receiving letters and statements by email.              

Some retailers will even email receipts for purchased products to customers who shop in-store. Not only is this helpful for the customer, but it is also beneficial for the company. They can reduce their reliance on paper, ink, and printers which will reduce their costs

Running your own business will mean completing a certain amount of paperwork, though you can follow the lead of established companies.

Though going paperless may have several benefits, this does not mean you can do away with documents entirely. The information they contain is still required, which will mean you will benefit from using an Electronic document management system to store your paperwork.

Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System

Help the Environment

If the opinions of environmental experts are to be believed, the planet could certainly do with the help! By maintaining electronic documents, you can avoid the unnecessary use of paper. This will help reduce the impact on the planet by reducing the need to cut down trees to make the paper. Read more to understand how to handle e-waste effectively.

Reduce the Risk of Loss or Damage

Though physical documents may seem practical, they are also prone to damage and disappearance. Dog-eared, crumpled, ripped documents can look unprofessional and untidy. However, this is nothing compared to an important document going missing. 

None of this will be an issue when documents are electronically stored as they will remain safe and unblemished. You will also always know where they are.

Keep Everything in One Place

It is much easier to keep everything in one place when you use an electronic document management system. All your documents can be retained in one place and will be ready whenever you need them. There will be no need to hunt around for the document you need as they will be easily searchable if held electronically.

This system will also enable you to stay organized by using different folders for documents relating to different matters, for example, one containing documents relating to taxes, another containing invoices. 

Ease of Integration

When you maintain an electronic document management system, it will be easier to integrate it with any other software that you might use. For example, if you use accounting software, it will be easy to link the database with the software. This will streamline the process of completing your accounts and submitting your tax returns.

Reduce Clutter

When you have a new business, you may not initially have a significant amount of paperwork to worry about. However, as your business grows, the amount of paperwork will quickly increase and become more of an issue.

By keeping your paperwork in an electronic format, you will not need to maintain storage space for it. Not only can excessive paperwork be an annoyance by taking up too much space, but it can also attract pests like little mites that love to eat paper.

Ease of Transfer

Many modern and progressive companies will have the ability to send documents by email, which they will offer their customers. Receiving documents in this format only for you to print them will be a waste of time and resources. Instead, you can simply save the document that you have been emailed. Learn how to save email as office document on How to Geek.

Similarly, electronic documents are easy to send when necessary by simply attaching them to an email.

This will negate the need to print a document, get an envelope and a stamp, and post the letter.

Easy Conversion

You may favor a particular format when saving electronic documents, though your business contacts may use a different type. If this is the case, it will be easy to convert the format of your documents to suit others before sending.

Similarly, if you receive a document in a format that you do not normally use, you will be able to convert it so that it suits your system. Electronic documents allow you greater flexibility in how they are dealt with.

Ease of Access

The ability to access documents is much easier to achieve when they are stored electronically. You will not have to search through piles of papers, worry about paper cuts, or breathe in a load of dust.

You will be able to consider the documents quickly and conveniently while working on other matters on your computer.

There are multiple reasons why you might need to refer to or access documents, and this can be undertaken with a few clicks of a computer mouse.

Reduce Costs

By using an electronic document management system, you will reduce your outlay. Your business costs will no longer include the cost of the paper, ink, or a printer that you will need to use to produce hardcopy documents.  

In addition, the cost that would be involved in sending documents to anyone that might need them – such as your accountant – can be avoided.

Secure Back-Up

To back up physical copies of paperwork, it would mean making photocopies, which would only double the volume of papers. If you do require a physical copy of any document, you will still be able to print a copy if you keep them electronically.

Saving them on a hard drive will ensure that they are kept safe and secure and that they can always be retained. Read more to understand the causes of cybercrime.

Wrapping Up

When you recognize all the benefits that can come from keeping electronic records, you will find it difficult to argue against using an electronic document management system. It is clear that it is possible to make accounting easy with filecenter dms, which has features that will demonstrate how convenient it can be to make use of a quality system on which to store your documents.

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