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Fully functional self-driving car from Google

The internet giant, Google has been showing interest in the autonomous car since 2009 and it wants to lead the world in a new direction. This self-driving project was renamed as Waymo. Waymo is a subsidiary company of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Waymo completely looks after autonomous vehicle projects. The self-driving car is now fully functional with lot many changes from the initial versions. Waymo has already self-driven more than 5 million miles on the city streets of the United States. Waymo uses a Technology that covers 360 degrees area to identify the surrounding objects.

Waymo’s primary aim is to keep roads safer, free up people’s time, and improve mobility for everyone.


Google's self-driving car

Google is now inviting people to experience the self-driving. It has now launched the public trial of the vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona. It wants users to feel the level of comfort they can get by traveling in Waymo cars. 

Technology in Waymo

Waymo uses a 360 degrees technology to detect and identify objects. It says that its sensors and software can detect pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, traffic signals and other objects from up to three football fields away in all 360 degrees. 

Following video explains how the Waymo software works


Waymo has recently implemented the self-driving technology on Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan and also testing some of the logistics vehicles.

Waymo - a self-driving car company

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