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Ravi Bandakkanavar

A Techie, Blogger, Web Designer, Programmer by passion who aspires to learn new Technologies every day. A founder of Krazytech. It's been 10+ years since I am publishing articles and enjoying every bit of it. I want to share the knowledge and build a great community with people like you.

smart dust processing method

Smart Dust

Smart dust is a tiny electronic device designed to capture mountains of information about its surroundings while literally floating on air.

Monitoring underwater communication networks using autonomous moving vehicles

Securing underwater wireless communication networks

Underwater wireless communication is the wireless communication in which acoustic signals carry digital information through an underwater channel. Underwater wireless communication networks are constituted by sensors and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that interact to perform specific applications such as underwater monitoring.

Nodal distance and Traffic in wireless integrated network sensors

Wireless Integrated Network Sensors

Wireless Integrated Network Sensors provide a new monitoring and control capability for transportation, manufacturing, health care, environmental monitoring and safety and security. They combine sensing, signal processing, decision capability, and wireless networking capability in a compact, low power system.

Traffic Management Diagram

Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the application of computers, communications and sensor technology to improve the efficiency or safety of surface transportation systems.ITS aims to transform surface transportation into an effectively managed, well integrated, universally available, customer-oriented and affordable system that ensures quick and safe movement of people and goods.

Structure and types of carbon nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes, long thin cylinders of carbon, were discovered in 1991 by Iijima. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are allotropes of carbon which are members of the fullerene structural family, which also includes the spherical buckyballs.