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Angular vs. Vue – Choosing the Right Framework this year

As developers use front-end frameworks to build complex applications, a proper understanding of Angular or Vue is important for developers to create single-page apps.

The evolution of the web has triggered competition among web developers to develop frameworks, libraries, and tools to speed up web development. Frameworks help developers to create robust web applications. In web development, there is a question – angular vs. vue which makes the most sense for a social networking web app.

Which one is the most popular?

The question that emerges here is what to choose this year. If one uses popularity as the criteria, then Angular is popular. Popular apps like Mixer, Gmail, Paypal,, and Forbes digital edition are favorite apps built on the Angular framework. 

Let us look at Vue apps. Our everyday tools like Grammarly, Adobe portfolio; these apart apps like Laravel Spark and Gitlab are famed apps using the Vue framework. Both are front-end solutions.

Angular is an open-source framework. According to technology expert Piero Borrelli, millions of developers use Angular due to exciting features like a robust structure, easy two-way binding, MVC model, good release timing, routing package, and built-in module system. The latest version of Angular is Angular 11, released in the year 2020. 

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The suitability factor

Suppose your project builds dynamic content-based designs, developing PWA, updating UI of large websites through redesign or upgrade website application design. In that case, Angular is suitable for your needs.

Vue.js is the most lightweight framework with 23 compared to Angular 143k. Chinese tech majors Xiaomi and Alibaba use Vue.js.

When to use what?

Developers question when to use Angular vs. Vue, as both are immensely popular among web developers. 

If ease of use is your criteria with lease technology knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, choose Vue.js for detailed documentation. Many consultant firms prefer simplicity in technology in product development. Vye apps have the advantage over Angular by integrating easily into the existing infrastructure. Besides, the virtual DOM gives a speed advantage over Angular ensuring superior bug-free performance. 

Consider Testing Performance

Ease of testing is an essential factor to consider the right framework comparing angular vs. vue2

Angular has advantages like managing all scopes and controllers through dependency injection. Besides, it is easy for developers to write unit tests for their entire Angular entities, like using Angular CLI’s generate command to add a new entity. Follow the link if you are looking for AngularJS Training.

Vuejs apps offer an efficient testing experience with its Vue testing Library and Vue test utilities giving access to the application. 

Benefits of Vue.js

  • Vue is easy to learn, download and install.
  • Vue uses HTML to render objects.
  • While scaling, the codebase remains lighter in Vue. 
  • Vue has easier reusable features than Angular. 
  • Vue.js updates elements in a web page without rendering the whole DOM owing to its virtual feature.

Benefits of AngularJS

  • Angular comes with a built-in module system.
  • It has an easy two-way data binding feature.
  • Angular runs on MVC architecture.
  • It has a large ecosystem for mega architectures like Google Cloud.

Right choice for a programming career

Let us come back to our question on Angular vs. Vue. This year 2021, many small and big IT enterprises want to use the proper framework. They should not regret their decision also. If you are doing a project for large entities requiring heavier applications, then Angular js is ideal for robust performance. 

Of course, this may be a problem for project managers who do not want too many features. At the same time, industries require heavy applications with extra features for apps that don’t appear too simple and cater to specialists only. Since Angular is rich in features, it is harder to learn and burden the developers with its many facets. If the team has a high learning curve, then Angular is the right framework for your projects.

Are you looking for an easy learning framework or simplicity, then consider Vue.js as easy for project integration? Vue caters to both beginners as well as experienced professionals. If the project heads want to build the team with freshers, then the Vue framework is ideal where the firm can cut costs by training freshers faster with the support of a reputed e-learning partner. At this stage, an IT firm needs to have a knowledge partner to train the freshers.

For those who want a career in Programming/Web developing

Vue.js is a new entrant, with 15% of developers using Vue in 2019. On the other hand, around 30 percent of developers are using Angular, according to research. Does this mean that those who want to have a career in Frameworks should choose Angular? 

Well, it depends on your interest and willingness to learn complex features. In Angular, developers have to spend more time understanding core concepts. If you feel many facets in Angular are burdensome or not required, choose Vue as it is easy to learn. The simplicity of Vue comes from the fact that anyone with knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, can build a single-page application in one day.

From web app career perspective

But, if your interest is to work in branded companies, give preference to Angular, as it has more market acceptability than Vue.js. You may find more demand in a career with training in a popular framework like Angular. Then monetary consideration should be your primary concern. Do Angular JS certification.

If successful execution of the projects is your main concern, then it makes sense to go for Vue.js training. It would help if you found an excellent e-learning partner who can give your team the best training. Learn to build Vue.js apps in Vue 3, including the new Composition API. Also, learn how to leverage Vue.js in MPAs and SPAs. As Vue.js is a popular framework, the learner will never be at a loss as he can find jobs easily with IT companies executing essential projects.

Understand your unique requirements

Folks, don’t underestimate Angular thinking Vue can help in building a career. Angular being a complete framework, is helpful to create enterprise-level apps due to its scalability. On the other hand, Vue.js being a light framework, is the preferred choice of developers to develop short-term apps.

Don’t get confused. Stand firm in your requirements, be it monetary, knowledge expansion, career, or exploration. When you stick to these criteria, you can choose Angular or Vue to meet your project or training requirements. You need to understand that nothing is perfect, and everything depends on one’s bandwidth, requirements meeting the demands of both you and the industry. Both are equally important, but for you, it is not Angular vs. Vue2 but any one of these. Stick to that; go ahead, learning the right framework that suits you.

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