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3 Things you Didn’t know Big Data could Do

Data is everywhere. Counting from the latest post you just saw on your facebook homepage to a hotel booking you made for next month- you created data. According to a report, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day. It doesn’t matter whether it is structured or unstructured. It can be in the form of videos, images, documents, programs, voice, etc.

Thanks to big data technology for making this raw data fair. Hadoop is one such popular technology that helps in dealing with Big Data. Read more on Hadoop Technology. The collected insights from the analysis are very helpful for any kind of work. Whether you’re stuck in critical decision making for your business or you need research data for spacecraft- big data is here. From data collection to clustering, everything will be under your hand. Let’s explore the outstanding works which were can’t be possible without big data technology.

Things you Didn't know Big Data could Do

1). Incredible Predictions – I’m going to win this game.

Big Data can Predict your Disease.

Well, you must have heard about the advanced tools like Watson from IBM which assist doctors in predicting incurable diseases. This kind of tool requires a huge amount of data for processing and analysis. The source of this information can be historical data, social media data, research, patient data, etc.

Currently, doctors are pushing the effort to find a cure for diseases like cancer. Here, big data analyses patterns and find the reason why it caused. Wearable Biosensors is one more such advancements in medical science.

It can also decide who will be the world champion.

In the year 2013, SAP and the German Football Association merged to create an ML model which can provide valuable insights from the historical data. Thus, they helped the German Football team to create strategic moves in the whole game. SAP delivered this model in 2014 which was used in the entire world cup for collecting and analyzing information. The data collected from the tournament in the form of images, videos, documents, etc., are provided to this ML model which precisely processed that information and gives a valuable outcome. According to SAP, Germany had possession time of 3.4 seconds when they marked their presence in 2010 semifinals. To overcome, SAP reduced the possession time to 1.1 seconds. They accomplished this work with the HANA and collected insights from the big data analysis of historical data.

2). Making Chatbot Move – A virtual assistant.

Now companies can provide enhanced support to their customers with the introduction of ML powered automated chatbots. These intelligent agents are very helpful in various ways. Depending upon the inherited data, these bots provide a solution to their customer. Suppose if you ask about the price of a product and specification, this bot will provide you with the exact price and recommended alternates for your search.

Now you must be thinking what’s new with that? Everyone has got a chatbot on their website. Well, this isn’t true. Chatbots are not only limited to the websites, but they can also be easily implemented to other interfaces such as messenger or games or other services. And the best part is this chatbot will say what do you want it to say. You can make it perform any kind of task including conversation to anonymous and support. The only requirement is qualified data.

3). Smart Work – Well it is not possible without Big Data.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are powerful enough to accomplish any kind of complex task. But, without big data, they are nothing. These intelligent models cannot provide desired outcomes without the big data, whether it is facebook’s research to show positive or negative posts or  Sophia robot which can show more than 30 facial expressions.

These smart works are just not limited to the robotics field, public sectors are also encouraged with big data through traffic management, supply, and distribution, oil prediction, income administration like works.

Final Words to Take Away:

Thus, we can see how big data is using our past and present data to decide the future. This incredible technology is continuously evolving and its applications can be seen in various fields which are leveraging it to provide their best. The true value of data can be only observed by correlating one information to another- but for getting the fruitful result you need to apply it to your working environment. And, the data source for this information- it’s everywhere from a social media channel to the customer looking for a washing machine over the internet. It’s your turn to recognize their needs and make them delight. This is what we called The Big Data.

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