How to Select the Right Video Editing Tool?

By | July 16, 2021

Immersive and attractive videos are a part of daily life, be it personal or business. An element of a motion picture is always required in your content marketing strategy as well. With web traffic developing with the help of delectable and action-oriented videos, the need for a suitable video editing tool becomes imperative.

This blog, irrespective of being a business owner or an individual to make money or planning to create videos for entertainment purposes, is a complete guide about video editing tools. 

Why is it important to choose the best video editing software?

How to Select the Right Video Editing Tool?

There is a thumb rule in this case while you select the software. It is not the tool with advanced features and excellent interface that you must select. We suggest you select software that suits your style. Primarily, your editing style. As such, most of the software is feature-rich, no doubt.

But the complexity of the usage and level of expertise you are planning to develop in the field of video editing needs serious thought. Experts suggest using two to three video editing tools and choose the one that is comfortable for you. However, there are a few significant factors you must keep in mind while selecting the right Online Movie Maker.

Best video editing tool

1. Simple Interface – Easy Usage

You don’t have to spend hours figuring out where you have to click and what you have to do to start editing with the software. Numerous software is available for the professionals, which is more complex in its navigation. You may feel bogged down looking at those. Select the simple one and start working with that.

2. Social Media Sharing

One does not create a video and save it on the desktop for life. You would undoubtedly want to share it with your friends and relatives. In the case of business, you would like the video to go viral on social media platforms. Select the tools that have the ease of sharing the video directly to the prominent social media websites, especially YouTube.

3. Budget and Price

It is the factor you must conclude why you are planning to use the software. One thing is for sure, the paid version of the software has more benefits across the platforms. But, if you plan to create videos for recreational purposes, there is no need to spend money on the same. At the same time, if you are planning to upload numerous videos to the social media platforms in a day, you require a paid version as many software has a cap on the number during the trial period. 

4. Video Editing – Prerequisites

One must be ready with the required infrastructure and knowledge before getting into the field of editing videos. However, the prerequisites will not cost you anything, but very useful if you are treating this as your profession.

5. High-Speed Computer

As we say this, we do not recommend any top brands of computers. Nor do we indicate a particular computer to be bought. You can still use a desktop or a laptop for editing videos, but it must be fast enough even if you save considerable files in the system. Use an appropriate Anti-virus to save your computer from malicious links. 

6. Learn, Practice, and Learn

Get into the coaching model for some time before beginning to work with videos. There are many video tutorials available online and on YouTube too. Learn the way the experts work on the videos and imitate them. Attempt to use the same video to practice. It helps you to compare the output with that of the experts.

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Which category do you fall under?

Let us divide this column into three parts, as there are three different categories of people available who will look for handy software to create exciting videos. 

1. Individuals intending to Make Money

You can readily start a YouTube Channel with beautiful videos. Being an individual and aiming for no support requires suitable software that can help you create thoughtful videos that increase user engagement. You can make many videos in a short period too. If you are a blogger and want to divert traffic to your web page, inspiring and intriguing videos can be of the best use. 

2. Organization Looking to Develop Business

The right channel is online marketing. The text-based digital content has less reach compared to the ones with excellent visuals. The best video editing software like InVideo can be of the best use to increase your online presence. Ideally, the video is a sheer catalyst that adds value to your online content. If you aim to increase the customer base rapidly, videos are the best choice, and for that, a video editing tool is most important. 

3. Individuals Looking to entertain Family and Friends

You are probably a beginner or looking for a trial version or free version of software to create entertaining videos; you require the best software that does not consume more time. More importantly, the task of amusing others must be joyful too. You cannot meddle with complex software every time to entertain your viewers. 

Top Video Editing Software

As we have reached that stage, let us introduce the best software for video editing. This analysis can vary based on your need and comfort.

1. InVideo 

InVideo is an excellent tool for beginners as well as professionals. The tool has pre-built templates that shall help you to make use of in creating videos quickly. Plus, this software is a meme generator too.

Invideo online video editing tool

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is by far the best video editing tool for professionals. It is a cross-platform tool, and you can use it both on Windows and Mac computers. Easy navigation and high-quality output make this software the best choice.

3. Lumen5

It is the best software for creating social promos. The drag and drop feature of the software makes it easy for any user. It is suggested that you learn the usage and then start working with it. The free version shall allow you to make any number of videos. Of course, the paid version has a better-quality output.

4. NeroVideo

This software is a bit less expensive compared to the Lumen5. At the same time, we do not recommend this software for beginners. The software is well stocked with many features, and the effects offer the videos a lot of value add which the other software lack. 

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