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Can You Convert Any Bike To An Electric Bike?

Over time, with different innovations in all other things, bikes have also transformed a lot. E-bikes or electrical bikes are the modified version of mechanical bikes. E-bikes are a fun mode of transport and have now become extremely popular. E-bikes have attracted majorly the youth. It not only serves as a fun mode of transport but also is fast and environment friendly. In a few countries, like China, the widest mode of transport used is the e-bike. While Europe holds the second biggest e-bike market. To answer the question that whether a regular bike can be converted into an e-bike, first we need to know about an electric bike.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike or e-bike is a technologically advanced bike. It has different technological advancements like small motors, in-tube barriers, and many more. The electric bike has a few add-ons over the technical regular bike. It has pedals, wheels, and handlebars similar to that of a regular bike with additional elements. These additional elements strike the difference between a regular bike and an e-bike. In brief, an e-bike is a regular bicycle with an electrical drive system or a motor which provides extra power to the rider. Now coming to the actual question behind this article, can these electric bikes be modified from regular bikes?

Can any regular bike be converted into an e-bike?

As mentioned earlier, an electric bike is nothing but a regular bike with a few technological advancements. So, we can say that there is a huge scope to convert a regular bike into an electric bike. To get through this, first, we have to learn about the different extra parts of an electric bike and its working mechanism.

Parts of an e-bike and its working mechanism

The additional parts of an e-bike are a motor, sensor, rechargeable battery, bike controls, and a bike display. The motor powered by the rechargeable battery offers assistance as one pedal and further helps to propel the bike forward. There is a very slight difference in the mechanism of a regular bike and an e-bike. It is more or less the same. Here a question comes if an e-bike is more or less similar to an e-bike then what is the actual way of converting a regular bike into an e-bike? The answer to this brings an electric bike conversion kit into the picture.

Electric bike conversion kit

An electric bike offers special features like faster speed, better look, and assistance in pedaling which eventually consumes less energy from the rider. These features have contributed to a massive increase in the popularity of e-bikes. Now, there comes an issue. As an e-bike is an advanced model, it has a high price which is not affordable to many consumers. The electric bike conversion kit came to the rescue of this issue. An electric bike conversion kit comprises all of the tools that it takes to convert a normal bike to an e-bike. With the help of these conversion kits, anyone can modify their regular bicycle into an extraordinary electric bike. It is like a loophole which provides all the components to convert a pre-existing bike into a new and advanced electric bike. Let us know more about the electric conversion kit.

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Components of a conversion kit

The components of the conversion kit are nothing but the extra features that are present in an e-bike as compared to a traditional bike. The components are:

  1. Electric motor- The motor delivers extra power to one’s pedalling. Eventually reduces the rider’s energy consumption while pedalling and thus increases the speed of the bike effortlessly.
  2. Battery- The battery determines the range of your e-bike. The battery provided in the kit is rechargeable and thus can be recharged as per need. It is very easy and convenient to charge the battery. It can be done by removing it from the bike and by connecting it with charging chords provided in the kit itself.
  3. Control unit- This control unit provides you assistance. It helps to switch between different riding modes swiftly.
  4. Display- The display of an e-bike shows a variety of information. It shows range, battery level, distance, speed and the current assistance mode as well.
The conversion kit consists of a Power pack (battery), Front motor wheel, and Connector (handlebar bracket)

Advantages of using conversion kits

It is a pocket-friendly option to avail e-bikes, it offers a way of manufacturing new vehicles out of the old ones, it provides environment-friendly riding, it gives the rider a hybrid experience of both traditional and electric bikes and the parts of the conversion kit are available locally.

As we have learned the whereabouts of conversion, let us learn the process of installing a conversion kit. Installation of an electric bike conversion kit in a regular bike will convert it into an electric bike.

The company claims that:

  • the conversion kit works with disc brakes
  • The converted e-bike can run at a 25/32kph top speed
  • The converted e-bike can offer Up to a 50km range

How to install a conversion kit?

The ease and technicality of installing a conversion vary from kit to kit. The general way of installing all the types of the conversion kit is as follows:

  • Keep your bike stationary with help of a double stand.
  • Pull out the tools and components provided in the conversion kit.
  • Read the instructions and set up the components accordingly.

Most of the conversion kits come with ample instructions in it. Some provide YouTube video links for installation. The below video gives you some insights:

How to select the best kit for electric bike conversion?

The best way of choosing the appropriate kit for your bike is to cross-check the measurements of your regular bike with the components of the kit. You need to give a closer look at the following measurements of your regular bike:

The width of the front shock or fork, the width of the rear frame, the type of cassette and freewheel, its configuration and the type of inbuilt brake and rim dimensions, and the diameter of the wheel.

As per the knowledge we acquired about electric conversion kits, one of the good conversion kit suppliers is found to be Swytch eBike Conversion Kit. It is an easy fit on most regular bikes. It offers disc-brake compatibility. It is designed to be affordable, simple, removable, and lightweight.

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