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By | February 2, 2017

This post contains the research topics published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Some of the topics can be implemented as projects. Hope these IEEE papers and project topics would be useful for you in getting an idea to choose a topic for presentation or to build a project.


  • A CUBIC-Based Explicit Congestion Control Mechanism in Named Data Networking
  • Analysis of minimum variance distortionless response and least mean square beamforming algorithm for smart antenna
  • Realization of SV-PWM motor control algorithm using ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontroller
  • In situ nano 3D printing of a microfluidic diode
  • Real-time optimization of WiFi RF signal distribution in the coverage of smart antenna system via the cloud database computation
  • Blind adaptive beamforming simulation using NCMA for smart antenna
  • Different adaptive beamforming algorithms for performance investigation of smart antenna system
  • Adaptive algorithms in smart antenna beam formation for wireless communication
  • Designing of Smart Antenna for improved directivity and gain at terahertz frequency range
  • Multi-layer feed forward neural network application in adaptive beamforming of smart antenna system
  • Accuracy of Perceptron based beamforming for embedded smart and MIMO antennas
  • Smart antenna-based partial discharge detection and classification system
  • Smart antenna for capacity enhancement of wireless communications
  • Real-time optimization of WiFi RF signal distribution in the coverage of smart antenna system via the cloud database computation
  • Millimeter-wave mobile access system with smart antenna and radio on fiber
  • Trends, system architecture, and networking issues in advanced multimedia satellite systems
  • On tackling social engineering web phishing attacks utilizing software-defined networks (SDN) approach
  • 3D virtual viewer on mobile device for wireless sensor network-based RSSI indoor tracking system
  • A concept of dynamically reconfigurable real-time vision system for autonomous mobile robotics
  • A distributed intrusion detection system using mobile agents
  • A Formalization of a Subset of VHDL in the Boyer-Moore Logic
  • A high-performance algorithm for static task scheduling in heterogeneous distributed computing systems
  • A mobile disaster management system using the android technology
  • A mobile vision system for robust multi-person tracking
  • A model-driven engineering design flow to generate VHDL
  • A process model for component-oriented software engineering
  • A secure image steganography using LSB, DCT & compression techniques on raw images
  • A trace-driven approach to evaluate the scalability of p2p based video  on demand service 
  • High-Speed Data Transfer using Performance Adaptive UDP
  • Update scheduling for improving consistency in distributed virtual environments
  • A reliable communication protocol for multi-region mobile agent environments
  • Authenticated group key transfer protocol based on secret sharing
  • Design and implementation of TARF: trust-aware routing framework for wsns
  • A multi-channel scheduler for high-speed wireless back haul links with packet concatenation
  • Mesh-based multicast routing in MANET: stable link based approach
  • Binrank: scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized sub-graphs

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  • Managing multidimensional historical aggregate data in unstructured P2P networks
  • Analyzing network traffic in order to detect possible intrusions
  • Application driven optimization for video streaming over LAN networks
  • Application of mobile-technology for disease and treatment monitoring of malaria in the Better Border Healthcare
  • Development of a microcontroller controlled transistor based current source for pulse oximeter devices
  • Computation Diversity in Emerging Networking Paradigms
  • Application of Virtualization and Software Defined Network in Satellite Network
  • Real-Time Vehicle Wireless Remote Positioning and Monitoring System Based on GPRS Network and Beidou
  • Multi-label classification using deep belief networks for virtual screening of multi-target drug
  • First dual-color optrode with bare laser diode chips directly butt-coupled to hybrid-polymer waveguides
  • Cross-layer design for video transmission in wireless multimedia sensor networks
  • Development of microcontroller-based landslide early warning system
  • Distributed order-up-to inventory management in logistic networks under uncertain demand — System modeling and analysis
  • Heart rate prediction based on cycling cadence using feedforward neural network
  • Performance evaluation of DTN protocols for vehicular network by variations in buffer size
  • Novel Snapback-Free Reverse-Conducting SOI-LIGBT With Dual Embedded Diodes
  • Potential well barrier diodes for submillimeter wave and high-frequency applications
  • Improve the Performance of Link Prediction Methods in Citation Network by Using H-Index
  • Platform for monitoring the temperature of power LED junction by using the embedded protection diode
  • Correlation-based traffic analysis attacks on anonymity networks
  • A VHDL implementation of an on-board ACF application targeting FPGAs
  • ACO based distributed intrusion detection system
  • Active XML: A data-centric perspective on Web services
  • Advanced network security for anti-money laundering system using mobile agents
  • Agent-Based Efficient Anomaly Intrusion Detection System in Adhoc networks
  • An evolutionary approach to automatic generation of VHDL code for low-power digital filters
  • An insightful comparison between experiments in mobile robotics and in science
  • An object-oriented view of structural VHDL description
  • An operating system architecture for organic computing in embedded real-time systems
  • An Overview of Mobile Technology: Focusing on Mobile Phones
  • An energy efficient clustering algorithm in large- scale mobile sensor networks
  • On wireless scheduling algorithms for minimizing the queue overflow probability
  • Application of PIC microcontroller for controlling piezoelectric Braille cell
  • Application-level simulation for network security
  • Argos- a Modular Multi-Engine Simulator for Heterogeneous Swarm Robotics
  • Assessing the potential of multi-threaded VHDL simulation
  • Assisting network intrusion detection with reconfigurable hardware
  • Automatic synthesis of microcontroller assembly code through linear genetic programming
  • Batched stream processing for data-intensive distributed computing
  • Benefit based data caching in ad hoc networks
  • Beyond co-existence: Exploiting wifi white space for Zigbee performance assurance
  • Object-Oriented Extensions to VHDL
  • Bubble model based decompression algorithm optimized for implementation on a low power microcontroller
  • Building An RISC Microcontroller in an FPGA
  • Calculus for the analysis of wireless network security protocols
  • Can competitive insurers improve network security
  • Capturing user experiences of mobile information technology with the repertory grid technique
  • Cataloging for planning in erection of viaduct organization
  • Clustered Zigbee networks with data fusion: Characterization and performance analysis
  • Computational intelligence for evaluation of intrusion detection system
  • Constrained Random Verification with VHDL
  • Constructing enterprise information network security risk management mechanism by ontology
  • Control of a DC motor using an embedded Ethernet microcontroller
  • Cost-based Dynamic Job Rescheduling: A Case Study of the Intel Distributed Computing Platform
  • Credit card fraud detection using hidden Markov model
  • Crosstalk Delay Faults in VLSI
  • Correlation-based traffic analysis attacks on anonymity networks
  • Cryptoblaze-8-Bit Security Microcontroller
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a picmicro Microcontroller
  • Design and Development of Microcontroller Based SMS Gateway for GSM Mobile
  • Design and implementation of an embedded home surveillance system by use of multiple ultrasonic sensors
  • Design and implementation of an embedded monitor system for detection of a patients breath by double Webcams
  • Design and implementation of denial of service attacks using the domain name system and firewall security
  • Design and implementation of NEMO based ZigBee mobile router for healthcare system
  • Design of a Microcontroller-Based Ethernet Messaging Device
  • Design of an intrusion detection system based on Bayesian networks
  • Packet-hiding methods for preventing selective jamming attacks
  • Design of low-cost general purpose microcontroller based neuro muscular stimulator
  • Design of USB interface of embedded system based on FPGA
  • Design on the automation door of shelter busway using AT89S51 microcontroller
  • Designing mobile technology to promote sustainable food choices


  • Designing service architectures for distributed geo-processing: Challenges and future directions
  • Determination of robot drop location for military path planning using GIS application
  • Development and use of a GPS ionospheric scintillation monitor
  • Development of a Micro-controller based Robotic arm
  • Development of a micro-controller based, photovoltaic maximum power point tracking control system
  • Implementation of Secure Force (64-bit) on low-cost 8-bit microcontroller
  • Signal evaluation of capacitive EMG for upper limb prostheses control using an ultra-low-power microcontroller
  • Secure Machine-Type Communications toward LTE Heterogeneous Networks
  • Ouessant: Microcontroller approach for flexible accelerator integration and control in System-on-Chip
  • Acoustic event detection-based individualized things-human interaction using Matlab-microcontroller interoperation
  • Luminous Properties and Thermal Reliability of Screen-Printed Phosphor-in-Glass-Based White Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Gesture control of mobile robot based Arduino microcontroller
  • A Low-Power Microcontroller in a 40-nm CMOS Using Charge Recycling
  • Wind speed and direction measurement system using Atmel 89S51 microcontroller
  • Code-division multiplexed resistive pulse sensor networks for Spatio-temporal detection of particles in microfluidic devices
  • Development of an embedded system and MATLAB-based GUI for online acquisition and analysis of ECG signal
  • Development of Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator Module Based on 8-bit Embedded System
  • Diffusion of new technology generations in mobile communications
  • Discovering e-mail spam and anticipation via collaboration and AI technique
  • Distributed computing with advice: information sensitivity of graph coloring
  • Distributed intrusion detection system for resource-constrained devices in ad-hoc networks
  • DNSsec hashed authenticated denial of existence process
  • Dos packet filter using DNS information
  • Dual Operating System Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Systems
  • Efficient 2d grayscale morphological transformations with arbitrarily flat structuring elements
  • Efficient Design of an Embedded Microcontroller for Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Efficient key distribution for access control in pay TV systems
  • Electromechanical modeling beyond VHDL
  • Embedded Control System for High Power RF Amplifiers
  • Embedded microcontroller based digital telemonitoring system for ECG
  • Enabling Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Systems: Case for ZigBee and wifi
  • Enabling Remote Activity: Using mobile technology for remote participation in geoscience fieldwork
  • Engineering the Evolution of Self-Organising Behaviours in Swarm Robotics
  • Enhancing Sensor Network Security with RSL Codes
  • Existence theorems and approximation algorithms for generalized network security games
  • Experiences with VHDL Models of COTS RISC processors in virtual prototyping for complex system synthesis
  • Exploring technology acceptance for mobile services
  • Face recognition using laplacian faces
  • Fast neural intrusion detection system based on hidden weight optimization algorithm and feature selection
  • Fault modeling and simulation using VHDL-AMS
  • FPGA Based Design and Implementation of Embedded System for Tilt Measurement
  • FPGA-based Network Security Architecture for High-Speed Networks
  • Framework for developing a microchip PIC microcontroller based applications
  • Framework for intrusion detection inspired by the immune system
  • Fundamentals of DIGITAL LOGIC with VHDL design
  • Fuzzy control model optimization for behavior consent traffic routing under information provision
  • Fuzzy Target Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robots with a Stereo Vision System
  • Generic Software Architecture for a Domain Specific Distributed Embedded System
  • Group-based trust management scheme for clustered wireless sensor networks
  • Hardware Development of a Microcontroller Board for a Small Satellite
  • Hardware/Software Trade-offs in Microcontroller-based Systems
  • Harnessing cloud technologies for a virtualized distributed computing infrastructure
  • Hide soaking controlled by microcontroller with ether-net interface
  • High-efficiency wireless energy transmission using magnetic resonance
  • How the future of surgery is changing-Robotics tele surgery surgical simulators and other advanced technologies
  • How to effective use multiple channels in wireless mesh network
  • Human resource reliable and admirable software (ad soft)
  • Hybrid intrusion detection system design for computer network security
  • IAV- A VHDL methodology for FPGA implementation
  • Identifying interesting visitors through web log classification
  • Image filtering using mean, median & fuzzy filters
  • Image processing and transaction
  • Image transport protocol
  • Immune Inspired Network Intrusion Detection System Utilising Correlation Context
  • Implementation of an Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem on an 8-bit Microcontroller
  • Implementing a Petri net specification in an FPGA using VHDL
  • Increasing accuracy of temperature measurement based on adaptive algorithm for microcontroller transmitter
  • Information flow analysis for VHDL
  • Instrumentation control using the Rabbit 2000 embedded microcontroller
  • Integrated Intrusion Detection System Using Soft Computing
  • Optimize Storage Placement in Sensor Networks
  • Integrating distributed computing abstractions into scientific workflows using Python
  • Integrating microcontroller and RF functions on-chip for wireless out-of-box experience
  • Integrating speech engine with web navigator
  • Integrating traditional and fuzzy controllers for mobile satellite antenna tracking system design
  • Integration of action and language knowledge-A roadmap for developmental robotics
  • Intelligent Car Control and Recognition Embedded System
  • Intelligent Distributed Intrusion Detection System using Genetic Algorithm
  • Intensive grid computing
  • Interactions around a contextually embedded system
  • Internal trigger errors in microcontroller-based measurements
  • Internet-based remote control using a microcontroller and an embedded ethernet board
  • J2ME: smart accessing mail server through mobile
  • Language support for highly resource-constrained microcontroller applications
  • Laser energy transmission for a wireless energy supply to robots
  • Learning behaviors in mobile robotics by evolutionary fuzzy systems
  • LEDs Driver for Universal Input Using ZETA Converter Microcontroller-Based
  • Leveraging advances in mobile broadband technology to improve environmental sustainability
  • Linear heating system for measurement of thermoluminescence using 8031/51 microcontroller
  • Low-cost microcontroller-based system to monitor crop temperature and water status
  • MANET global connectivity for mobile ipv6based ad hoc networks
  • Microcontroller based closed-loop automatic speed control of DC motor using PWM
  • Microcontroller based digitally controlled ultrasonic motor drive system
  • Microcontroller based ECG and blood pressure simulator
  • Microcontroller Based Electric Expansion Valve Controller for Air Conditioning System
  • Microcontroller based ethernet embedded systems
  • Microcontroller based ISFET ph measurement system with wireless communication
  • Microcontroller based pacemaker tester
  • Microcontroller based PWM controlled four switch three phase inverter fed induction motor drive
  • Microcontroller based thermoelectric generator application
  • Microcontroller based thorax simulator for testing and calibration of impedance cardiographs
  • Microcontroller Based Variable Frequency Power Inverter


  • Ship Scheduling in Inland Waterway Networks Based on Cellular Automata Graph
  • Modeling of simultaneous switching noise in power distribution network of electronic circuits
  • Behavioral model based simulation of the ESD-soft-failure-robustness of microcontroller inputs
  • Real-time smart home automation based on PIC microcontroller, Bluetooth, and Android technology
  • Embedded microcontroller system for piecewise-linear laser projection
  • Effects of autapse and channel blockage on firing regularity in a biological neuronal network
  • Multiple Outputs Programmable Integrated Circuits (MOPICs) Microcontroller Trainer for Educational Applications
  • An Oscillator-Based Active Bridge Circuit for Interfacing Capacitive Sensors With Microcontroller Compatibility
  • FIS incorporated microcontroller based MCB
  • Remote control system as serial communications mobile using a microcontroller
  • Microcontroller based digital meter with alert system using GSM
  • Developing a data acquisition system for measuring microcontroller energy consumption using LabVIEW
  • Development of microcontroller based controller for twelve-pulse AC-DC thyristors converter for nuclear research application
  • Microcontroller Implementation Of Single Phase Inverter Switching Strategies
  • Microcontroller interrupts for flexible control of time-critical tasks in experiments with laser-cooled atoms
  • Microcontroller Oscillator Circuit Design Considerations
  • Microcontroller With Integrated SRAM and Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter
  • Microcontroller-Based Data Logging System
  • Microcontroller-Based Experimental Setup and Experiments for SCADA Education
  • Microcontroller-based High-speed Serial Link For Process Tomography Systems
  • Microcontroller-based technique for generating variable voltage/frequency sinusoidal PWM signals
  • Microcontroller-driven fluid-injection system for atomic force microscopy
  • Minimal fuzzy microcontroller implementation for didactic applications
  • Minimizing buffer capacities with throughput constraint for embedded system design
  • Mobile Aircraft Tracking System That Supports Unmanned Aircraft Operations
  • Mobile-visualization hybrid intrusion detection system
  • The three-tier security scheme in wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks
  • Model-based clustering for online crisis identification in distributed computing
  • Modeling a distributed intrusion detection system using collaborative building blocks
  • Modeling and automated containment of worms
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Military Urban Robot Using Working Model
  • Modeling distributed network security in a Petri net-and agent-based approach
  • Modeling of metal oxide arrester for very fast transients
  • Molecules -An open-source modular robotics kit
  • Multi scheduler super computing using JINI
  • Multi-level fault injections in VHDL descriptions: alternative approaches and experiments
  • Multi-scale analysis of large distributed computing systems
  • Network component for XML migration
  • Network intrusion detection system embedded in a smart sensor
  • Network intrusion detection system using reduced dimensionality
  • Network Security Configurations: A Nonzero-Sum Stochastic Game Approach
  • Network Security for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing
  • Next generation communication architecture for voice conference in network systems
  • Noise Reduction Techniques for Microcontroller-Based Systems
  • Novel Design of ECG electrode combined with antenna for ZigBee-based wireless measurement
  • Objective VHDL-tools and applications
  • Omni-directional Closed loop Walk for NAO
  • On the feasibility of dynamic rescheduling on the Intel Distributed Computing Platform
  • On the reuse of VHDL modules into systemic designs
  • On-chip networks: A scalable, communication-centric embedded system design paradigm
  • On-chip robotics-Technical issues and future direction
  • Online Model-Based Clustering for Crisis Identification in Distributed Computing
  • Optimized DMA-based data acquisition on an MSP430 Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller focused on intelligent sensor
  • Packbot-A versatile platform for military robotics
  • Parallel logic simulation of VLSI systems
  • Partitioning for multicomponent synthesis from VHDL specifications
  • Patterns for distributed embedded control system software architecture
  • Performance comparison and evaluation of analyzing node misbehavior in MANET using intrusion Detection System
  • Peristaltic locomotion with antagonistic actuators in soft robotics
  • Position Control of a Manipulator Using PID Control Algorithm Based on atmega 8535 microcontroller
  • Power distribution network in VLSI circuits
  • Power estimation in VLSI circuits
  • Pricing network resources for adaptive applications
  • Promoting positive employee health behavior with mobile technology design
  • Proof theory and a validation condition generator for VHDL
  • Public key validation for DNS security extension
  • QoS measurement of Zigbee home automation network using various modulation schemes
  • Radio frequency controlled intelligent robot
  • Range analysis of microcontroller code using bit-level congruences
  • Ray-tracing operator and its adjoint for the use of GPS/MET refraction angle measurements
  • Real-time QRS detection using delay-coordinate mapping for the microcontroller implementation
  • Recycling Ambient Microwave Energy With Broad-Band Rectenna Arrays
  • Remote sensing system for cultural buildings utilizing ZigBee Technology
  • Requirements and possibilities of a new microcontroller in an embedded system
  • Robotics platform for neuromorphic vision-Beobots
  • Robust and accurate global vision system for real-time tracking of multiple mobile robots
  • Robust digital PFC control method suitable for low-cost microcontroller
  • Robust intrusion detection system for IP-based ubiquitous sensor networks
  • Robust speech recognition system for service-robotics applications
  • Role of Zigbee Technology in Agriculture Sector
  • Routing Strategy Selection for Zigbee Mesh Networks
  • Secured web portal for online shopping
  • Shared storage in J2ME: a multi-agent system approach
  • Simulation of VLSI networks
  • Software framework for application development using ZigBee protocol
  • Software implementation of pairing-based cryptography on sensor networks using the MSP430 microcontroller
  • Some Aspects of Quantum Cryptography and Network Security
  • Spike-time robotics-a rapid response circuit for a robot that seeks temporally varying stimuli
  • State machine design techniques for Verilog and VHDL
  • Static Analysis of VHDL Model Evaluation
  • Stochastic neurons in VLSI
  • Superscalar 16 bit microcontroller for real-time applications
  • Supporting VHDL Design for Air-Conditioning Controller Using Evolutionary Computation
  • Survey of network security systems to counter SIP-based denial-of-service attacks
  • Testing a Mixed-Signal Design Based on a Single-Chip Microcontroller
  • Testing Zigbee motes for monitoring refrigerated vegetable transportation under real conditions
  • The use of GPS for vehicle stability control systems
  • Towards an open embedded system on chip for network applications
  • Traceability System For Agricultural Products based on RFID and Mobile Technology
  • Understanding the Key Architectural Features of a Microcontroller
  • Using a VHDL testbench for transistor-level simulation and energy calculation
  • Various Uses of the GPS Operational Control System (OCS) Tracking Data
  • Verification of COMBO6 VHDL Design
  • VHDL approach to performance analysis of fuzzy logic controllers
  • VHDL design and simulation of a fast beam loss interlock for TTF2
  • VHDL modeling of a fuzzy co-processor architecture
  • VHDL-AMS for mixed technology and mixed signal, an overview
  • VHDL-AMS in MEMS design flow
  • VHDL-based performance modeling and virtual prototyping
  • Virus protecting system for mobile phones
  • Visual microcontroller programming using extended S-system
  • Visualizing graph dynamics and similarity for enterprise network security and management
  • Wireless LAN discovery via Zigbee interference signatures
  • Zigbee Based Industrial Automation Profile for Power Monitoring Systems
  • Zigbee-based home automation system
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