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Technical Paper Topics on CyberSecurity

CyberSecurity is one of the most essential in the internet world. There are numerous types of cyber attacks. It is essential to understand the types of attacks, causes of cybercrime, and preventive measures. In this article, we will cover technical paper topics on CyberSecurity.

Protect your Accounts Against Cyberattacks
  • Causes of CyberCrime and Preventive Measures – Cybercriminals always opt for an easy way to make big money. They target rich people or rich organizations like banks, casinos, and financial firms where a huge amount of money flows daily and hack sensitive information. Catching such criminals is difficult. Hence, that increases the number of cybercrimes across the globe. Computers are vulnerable, so laws are required to protect and safeguard them against cyber criminals. Read More
  • How Cyber Security is Changing in the World of Digital Technology – Cyber security is becoming increasingly critical as we move into the digital age. As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do businesses’ threats. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and access sensitive data. Businesses need to be aware of the latest trends in cyber security to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Read More
  • What is Cybersecurity? Types of Cybersecurity and Best Practices – Criminals develop as technology develops and create progressively complex techniques for getting past safety measures. This includes a rise in scams involving phishing, ransomware, and various other applications that take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems.
  • 6 Cybersecurity Tricks to Protect Against Insider Threats – An insider threat is a cybersecurity danger that originates from within an organization. One may associate insider cyberattacks with disgruntled employees. But that’s not true. Other factors also contribute to security breaches. These include negligencelack of knowledge, or weak security measures. These are, in fact, the most common cause of internal data leaks and breaches. Most of these incidents are accidental. An employee may see a file that looks important, and open it. Then, it turns out to be a phishing attempt, and leeches company data. These instances occur quite often, and companies need to protect themselves against them. Read More
  • Cybersecurity Measures to Protect your Business Data – The ease of making websites has given rise to the digital industry. In this recent era, where fantastic CMS platforms like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, etc., are available, each business owner has become a webmaster. They instantly create their dream website with the appropriate CMS tools, images, designs, and templates, but when it comes to securing the website, these web owners are ignorant, less willing, or tend to forget the same. The majority of them are unaware of the risks of cyber-attacks and the cybersecurity measures that help them to ensure the data privacy of their business site. Read More
  • A complete guide to detect and prevent Phishing Scams – Phishing scams are one of the most commonly faced threats by people and organizations. You must know more about them to protect your confidential information. Phishing attacks are usually carried out in the form of an email, text, social media sites, pop-ups, or websites built to imitate a real individual, system, or company. Attackers create phishing messages to generate a feeling of tension or panic with the ultimate aim of stealing the confidential information of an end-user. This may result in money transfer fraud, malicious software links, and URLs that lead to sites containing malware. Read More
  • Securing Your Data in the Cloud: Best Practices for Online Safety – In an era where cloud computing has become integral to both personal and professional realms, the security of data stored in the cloud is a paramount concern. The convenience and flexibility offered by cloud services also bring forth challenges in safeguarding sensitive information.
  • The Urgent Need to Improve Cybersecurity in the Education System – The education sector is considered to be highly vulnerable to cyber threats. The 2018 Education Cybersecurity Report, suggests that education institutions are struggling with various things like application security, endpoint security, and patching cadence. With this, the education industry is ranked the worst at cybersecurity out of 17 major industries. This implies that there is a need for preventive measures to Improve Cybersecurity in the Education System. Read More
  • How Technical Support Can Help Tackle Cybersecurity Threats – Cybersecurity threats include the chance of an information technology asset, computer network, or any other kind of sensitive data being breached to obtain unauthorized access to damage, disrupt, or steal. Regardless of where they originate, cyber risks may emerge from both inside and outside of a company. To steal information or get access to a company’s financial accounts, cyber attackers can use a company’s or individual’s sensitive data. This is why cyber security experts like technical support are so crucial in protecting private data. Read More
  • What is the Dark Web? How to Protect Your Kids from the Dark Web? – The Internet has permanently altered human life. The dark Web is a source of worry for all parents. Supervising or limiting children’s online behaviors is one way to keep them away from the dark Web. Stay updated on what your children are doing online and ask them non-threatening questions. The dark Web is mainly associated with being evil, creepy, and dangerous. You want to keep your kids away from this. But what if they’re genuinely interested? What if they happen to come across something they shouldn’t? Read More
  • Best Browser Security Guide to Protect your Privacy from Hackers – Browsers are the bridge that allows users to connect to the internet and a multitude of its websites that are ingrained in our daily life. With the global pandemic at hand and everyone couped into their homes, internet usage has grown drastically. This increased usage has given cyber crooks a considerable opportunity to play on and lay hands on user data. According to the CyberEdge Group 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report, the organizations affected by a successful cyberattack reached 80.7%, up from 78.0% in 2019, which puts forth the real picture before us. Read More
  • How to Protect your Accounts Against Cyberattacks? – It is widely known that passwords aren’t the most reliable method for protecting your online accounts. Hence, big names in the authentication realm are developing more advanced and safer system, such as biometrics which is making its way into more security frameworks. To log into your accounts, almost all devices require a fingerprint, face scan, or voice recognition. However, technological developments are always accompanied by new and more advanced threats. Read More
  • Cyberbullying: The emerging crime of the 21st Century in Schools – Our world is evolving so is our culture, in this new age, we are heavily dependent on technology, and it basically shaping everything, sadly one of those things is cybercrime, for most part, people think that cybercrime is some type of scam or some scheme to get some money or hack someone account but it has many aspects and one of the dark aspects is cyberbullying, we all believe that bullying stats are going down but in reality, it has taken a new form. Cyber bulls have access to as many people as they want, unlike the usual bully who stalks you at school, thanks to the high number of youngsters who own mobile phones and use apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Cyberbullies can damage their victims at any time and from nearly any location if they have access to the internet and an appropriate gadget. Read More
  • 5 Tips to Keep in Mind for Ransomware Defense – The recent cyberattacks from Russia, China, and North Korea have had one thing in common: they all used a cyber-weapon called EternalBlue, created by the National Security Agency of the United States. The ransomware WannaCry used this exploit to cost businesses and local governments billions of dollars on the 12th of May in 2017. A month later, a similar ransomware attack named NotPetya was released into the wild, infecting as many unpatched computers as possible. Read More
  • Can Hackers use the Cloud to Infect your Device? – Millions of people work remotely these days, and cloud computing deserves all of the credit. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular across all business sectors. Businesses are now pouring money into public cloud infrastructure. Read More

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