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What is a Summarizer? How Does an AI Summarizer Work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) summarizers are online tools that help users to summarize long pieces of text in a short and concise manner while retaining actual meaning. The summary provided by the summarizer can be used to get a short overview of the long-form text for a quick understanding.  

These tools are being utilized in various domains. These include summarizing word blog posts, research papers, lengthy lectures, etc.

Due to the popularity of Artificial Intelligence summarizing tools, more and more people are curious about their working procedures. So, we have why not to come up with a detailed blog post discussing every about Artificial Intelligence summarizer and its working. So, without getting into any additional details, let’s get started.

How Does an AI Summarizer Work

How Does an AI Summarizer Work?

An AI-powered text summarizer works by following multiple steps. In this section, we will take a look at those steps in brief detail. However, remember this all the summarizers available on the internet are based on a summary principle. So, to understand working efficiently, we have to first understand the summary principles that are as follows:

  • Extractive summary
  • Abstractive summary

Extractive summary:

In this summary principle, the AI-based summarizing tools will identify the most important sentences or words/phrases in the source text. And then generating a concise summary by utilizing those important points (sentences or words/phrases).

The main purpose of extractive summarization is to maintain the exact meaning of the original text. That’s why, it is usually performed on a text that is already well-written or structured efficiently.

Abstractive summary:

There are also AI-powered text summarizing tools available that work on abstractive summarization techniques. These tools will first identify salient information or points in the source. And then generate a summary by using new words and phrases that the original text may not contain.

Note: All AI-powered summarizers available online can either based on each of these summarizing principles or may work on both.

Now that, you have understood which summarizing principles AI summarizers work. It’s time to understand through which steps they summarize the given text.

Summarizing Process of AI Summarizers:

1. Understand the language and context of the text

AI summarizers start the summarizing process by efficiently understanding the language and then the context of the given text. These tools utilize advanced Natural Processing Language algorithms that are capable of identifying the language and the context of the content.

Language identification refers to the process of identifying the language of the source text. NLP algorithms assist summarizers in this regard by helping in understanding the structure, grammar, and syntax of the text.

After language identification, the AI tools then start understanding the context of the given text using NLP. This process involves understanding different words/phrases and the relationship between them.

While understanding the context of the text, the AI summarizer individually analyzes each sentence and its structure as well to get familiar with the context.

2. Identify the main/best sentences in it

AI summarizers

After language and context identification, the AI summarizer then starts finding the most important points in the source. These will be later used to generate a summarized text.

In this step, the AI tools again take help from diverse NLP algorithms to understand which parts need to be prioritized during the summarization.

Note: This will be deciding point on which the quality of summarized text will depend. So, the more reliable the AI text summarizer will be, the more accurately it identifies key points in the input text.

3. Generate a concise summary

Generate a concise summary

Finally, after following the above two mentioned steps, the AI summarizer will then start generating a summary. It uses advanced Machine Learning to quickly generate a short yet effective summary.

Remember this, if the AI summarizer you are using works on the extractive summary principle. Then, it generates a summary using the same sentences that the original text contains. On the other hand, it is based on the abstractive summary principle, it will generate a summary by using more appropriate terms in the output.

Tip: It is always considered a best practice to review the generated summary provided by the tool with the source. Doing this will help you to ensure whether it is accurate or not. Because sometimes, technical glitches or unclear input can cause the tool to generate inaccurate results.

Useful Benefits of AI Summarizer

There are several benefits of utilizing an AI summarizer to summarize the text. Some of the most useful benefits are as follows:

1. Quick identification of main points or ideas

This may seem obvious, but utilizing an AI summarizer will get quickly get familiar with the main idea or points of a long-form text. Manually identifying the main points or ideas will require reading the entire text as a whole.

But that’s not the case with an AI summarizer. It quickly understands the given text and then generates a concise summary that is concise yet accurate.

2. Does not compromise on quality

Another benefit of an AI summarizer is that it does not compromise text quality during the summarization process. This means the tool will generate a summary without changing the original meaning and maintaining the same quality as the original text. Taking care of both these elements while manually summarizing the text is a little difficult. But with the introduction of AI summarizers, the issue has now been resolved.

3. Time-Saving

We all know that summarizing long pieces of text manually will require both time and effort as well. But by utilizing an AI summarizer, you can save both your valuable time and effort. This is so because these AI-powered tools quickly summarize the given text in a matter of seconds (time may vary depending on the length of the given text).

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AI summarizer is an online tool that is used to quickly generate a short yet effective summary of long-form text without damaging the original meaning. It is being used by students, teachers, researchers, bloggers, product managers, organizations, etc. However, only a few know the procedure behind the working of an AI summarizer. This article has covered its working procedure in detail.

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