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How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact Society Negatively?

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the world and has brought many changes in our lives. AI is a very powerful tool but it can be misused for some suspicious activities. AI can be used to increase the words per minute speed but this content is not acceptable by the reputed webmasters. The words per minute calculator can be a source of deciding the speed of your content and the typing speed of a writer. 

You may be surprised to learn how much AI is used to establish various activities. It is one of the most burning issues in the modern day. People are using AI tools like ChatGPT to create content which is quite a falsified activity but it is practiced by nature. But some of the webmasters actually like the AI-based content as it is error-free and has grammatical issues. 

Here are a few examples of the use of AI-based tools in practice. The use of AI-based tools is increasing in the field of business and science. There are some of the bad effects of AI-based content and we are giving the example of such practices here.

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Deep Fake videos: 

AI algorithms are used by deep fakes to make videos that seem like real ones but they actually are created by swapping faces or altering the content. These fake videos can be used by some to spread false information. Or to defame a person or create convincing hoaxes these videos can be used.

 The main purpose of the fake video generated by AI tools is to defame a person or a famous figure. These types of practices are used in the entertainment business and politics to defame the opposition. This is the main reason the videos are considered dull proof to justify a claim in the court of justice. 

Malicious chatbots: 

There are some chatbots that can spread spam, phishing for personal information, or conduct social engineering attacks that are powered by AI. These chatbots can be programmed to engage in malicious activities. These chatbots try to mimic human behavior and can share some sensitive data to harmful links while interacting with unsuspecting users.

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Malicious Artificial Intelligence AI chatbots

Automated social media manipulation: 

People use AI algorithms to create fake social media accounts often known as bots. These bots spread misinformation, amplify certain narratives, manipulate public opinion, or engage in coordinated harassment campaigns. You can manipulate social media by the words per minute addition of the content.

 Social media manipulation can also be used to manipulate public opinion. Social media manipulation is not as common but the AI-based content can be used to defame a person or generate a political campaign. In the recent election of the US, it is rumored that the Russians have actually defamed Haliry Clinton. 

These AI algorithms caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. She was in front of every opinion poll in the US election. AI-based manipulation is common in social media to achieve a specific purpose. These campaigns are generated by organized groups to achieve a specific purpose.

Automated content generation: 

In this era of technology, ai can be used to create a large volume of content containing articles, reviews, and comments. These can be used to fill online platforms with fake reviews, biased articles, or propaganda to manipulate public concepts or promote certain agendas. Automated content generation can be a source of malicious content and it can be used to increase the word-per-minute speed. 

But it can be a good way to get an idea regarding a certain topic as a chatbot is a good source to gather information. Automated content generation is another problem with AI tools. In this regard, ChatGPT is the leading AI-based content generator. 

Most webmasters actually discourage AI-based-generated content but some webmasters like AI-based content. AI-based content actually saves a lot of cost and money for people who are on a low budget. The start-ups are actually in search of AI-generated content as they are actually feeling scarce in resources. You can use the correct words per minute calculator to know your speaking and reading speed. T


AI has also assisted in enhancing the ability of malware and hacking tools. For example, AI algorithms can optimize phishing emails to increase their effectiveness. AI can be used to automate the process of cracking passwords or breaching security systems. 

Cyberattacks are generated by AI-based tools as there are special AI tools to make the virus or the malware. These can be serious threats to the organization of the AI-generated malware as they are not easily detectable.  

AI-based malware and hacking tools are now common and accessible to people of bad thinking. The main purpose of this malware is to scan the data of an organization or even jam the whole database of a company. This can be a real threat in future as the AI-based viruses are difficult to detect and there is no real code generated to revert them. 

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Most of the time AI-based content is not welcomed by webmasters. But in some cases especially for start-ups, it is actually a requirement. The AI-based tools are generated and established for a specific purpose. Since AI is facilitating these suspicious activities, the solution to stop them is also possible due to AI.  Researchers and organizations are working to develop AI-based solutions to avoid deepfakes and detect malicious chatbots. They are also working to combat social media manipulation and enhance cybersecurity measures. 

It’s important to create ethical guidelines, and regulations as AI technology is growing by leaps and bounds. We have to create security measures to prevent and address the potential misuse of AI for suspicious activities.

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