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Aqua Communication using Modem

While wireless communication technology today has become part of our daily life, the idea of wireless under sea communications may still seem far-fetched. However, research has been active for over a decade on designing the methods for wireless information transmission underwater. This post explains Aqua communication using modem.

Implementation of Hamming code

The theory of error detecting and correcting codes is that branch of engineering and mathematics which deals with the reliable transmission and storage of data. Information media are not 100% reliable in practice, in the sense that noise (any form of interference) frequently causes data to be distorted. To deal with this undesirable but inevitable situation,self correcting codes are constructed by combining data bits with a number of redundant check-bits, which together are referred to as codewords.

Mechanical Engineering Project topics

It contains latest Mechanical engineering project topics. you can get an idea what topics to choose while going for new projects and accordingly you can collect the requirements.