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14 thoughts on “Combined Login and Registration Application in AngularJS

  1. blankjack linxor

    I followed all the steps, but when I click on the html index page it won’t display anything except the header and there is no styling.

  2. blankRituraj Azad

    how to check the database in this application… where i will find the database… to check what data is being saved

    1. blankRavi Bandakkanavar

      If you go through this application, there is no database being used here. It uses ngCookies.

      In the below code, app.js we have created an app module and invoked ngRoute for routing mechanism and ngCookies for storing user credentials in cookies.

  3. blanksairam

    Hi i want to download this article source code link

      1. blankYonezu Mimori

        Do you have a tutorial for PHP/MySQL method? I use AngularJS 1.7.2

      2. blankYonezu Mimori

        Also, I am trying to learn angularJS and recreate the app step by step. But I have no clue how .$inject is being utilized. I just know the basics..


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